Vitamin Tea / Fancy a cuppa?

We know we can get vitamins from fruit & veg but what do the vitamins we get really do to us? & do we need more? I’m quite a ‘basic b*tch’ when it comes to food & I’m not very adventurous so making sure I’m getting enough vitamins is something that concerns me. I’ve tried taking supplements but I always forget to take them, so when T Plus drinks contacted me about their teas I was so excited about the added vitamins that were in their teas. I don’t often write blog posts on one brand as I love to give you guys a variety but it seems to be the first company that offers everything in the form of teas so here’s the breakdown:

Need some cleanse / 

Heavy weekend? Or even a heavy year & you’re in some desperate need of TLC? Their detox tea holds milk thistle, ginger root & dandelion root which all three are used in China for internal cleansing… I’ll take a few pints of that after a heavy weekend. The taste is so amazingly sweet that fixes my sweet tooth in the first sip – the blackcurrant and apple is defo a bit of me. 
Beat the 4pm Slump / 

Yerba Mate & Gerba are your best ‘mates’ here, they are a natural stimulant so perffeeeect for those of you trying to beat your coffee addiction or for a pre workout – yes, please.
Ready for the Rain / 

With winter just around the corner, T plus’s immune is perfect for when we are coming down with cold or flu. So wrap up warm around the fire with this Vitamin C packed hug in a mug!
Multi-Action / 

Our daily hectic lives can often leave us feeling tired and down and lacking in our essential vitamins. The Multi is a fruity mix of body essentials all in one mug – from them to you, you’ll be feeling tip top. 
So, do you ya fancy a cuppa or not?
Chlo xxxx
*this is not a paid ad however I was kindly sent these teas & am now a brand ambassador for Tplus drinks

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