My Life / 6 Week Challenge

So if you follow me everywhere else it’s no secret that i’ve put myself on a 6 week challenge because what no better way than bracing the warm weather by putting your body through a challenge. This 6 week challenge is to get me the leanest I can be but in the most ‘balanced approach’ as possible & after vlogging I thought I would go into more detail here & answer some potential questions.


So as some may know I did a 12 week challenge last summer, this was quite an extreme one as I needed to learn a lot. However, this year I want to challenge myself in a different way. Previously it was about getting to be a slim jim, this year is about being balanced while still getting lean.. i’m talking relaxed abs kinda thing… so like I want abs but I want cake yano? This summer I relaxed as I trained hard in the Winter & i’ve loved every second and do not regret a thing but now I feel like my body is ready to get back into it.


It is important to note hat this challenge is not because I think i’m fat or to become slim in only vein terms. I’ve struggled with balance for a while now, i’m an all or nothing kinda gal … eat all da cake or none of da cake. So this 6 week challenge will be mainly focused around creating a balance approach to fitness. Before I have gone full speed into training and cutting carbs and then crashed at weekends. I don’t want that, i’m looking to keep my hormones stable while still cutting. You can view my current ‘state’ over on my vlog, there I have described my current weight & what i’m looking to achieve.
This challenge will also help me refocus on my goals in business & life too. I find i’m my happiest when i’m my healthiest which also leads me to being motivated and achieving my goals – BOOOOM

How? – Nutrition 

Diet is key in any challenge to your fitness. As someone who has previously been scared of carbs [i mean what a pathetic phobia, a foodie thats scared of food] , I will be introducing carbs into my diet after a workout – oats / sweet potato / rice.
I’ve also been ill on & off this summer with bloating & other things we do nat need to go into!! I will increasing my fruit intake slightly as well as seeds to increase my fibre.
My diet will still be high protein from lean meat & fish as well as consuming healthy fats from fish, nuts and coconut oil – Im even attempting avocado.. check out this confession if you want to know my feelings towards their smooth devil..
Cheat meals WILL definitely be a thing, as said above, it’s all about balance. So yes, everything in moderation!

example of food: 

Breakfast: Eggs / Snack: Houmous & carrots / Lunch: Chicken & veg / Snack: banana & nut butter / dinner: Chicken & Veg & rice.

How? –  Exercise

This will mainly be through 20 minutes of HIIT training 5/6 days a week with 2 weighted sessions [one upper & one lower] in the forms of circuit training a week. I will go into more deets about this and share with you some of my workouts – coz like, it’s hard to describe ok?
If I have enough time I will plan my workouts so I train twice a day – cardio in the AM, weights in the PM.

Example workout: 

AM – 30:30 Bike HIIT – 20 minutes – 5 min warm up & cool down
PM – Circuits focused on lower body – Glute bridges / stiff leg deadlifts / walking lunges / sumo squats / donkey kick backs


So I started this challenge on Monday 19th September 2016 & my final weigh in day Monday 31st October 2016.

so that’s my break down of my 6 week challenge if you have any questions please just ask! 
I can’t wait to share with you some workouts & meals that i’ll be doing over the next 6 weeks…
love chlo xxx

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