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Finding balance tends to be something us brits tend to struggle with, whether we are workaholics or not-so workaholics or whether we eat to much or too little. Balance tends to challenge us all but I feel as though i’m particularly a nightmare when it comes to finding it. I’m an all or nothing kind of girl & that tends to apply to most things, i’m either really motivated or just not at all. I don’t tend to have one cheat meal, i’ll have a cheat weekend – & dat nat good.

So, if you don’t know already but I have started a 6 week challenge, i’m currently week 2 into it & feeling a lot better about myself. Please head over to my youtube channel if you want to know more about that or read my blog post all about it . Today’s post is pre written as by the time you read this i’ll either be making my way around the 12km Royal Military Major or would have finished or failed it – it is then the plan to go for some ‘celebratory drinks’ & if that isn’t balance then I don’t know what is!

But seriously… balance is something I really struggle with, it’s only recently that i’ve actively focused on this word called balance. Balance in relationships, food, mind & everything else you can balance out. So since Monday 19th September when my 6 week challenge started I have actively been practising balance & here’s how…

Head Space app /

Never being a huge meditation fan, taking 10 minutes out of your day to focus on your mindset I’ve found really helps. Morning, evening, on the train or walking taking time to practise mindfulness really helps. The app gives you 10 free days & then is a subscription fee after that, they often have deals going on so i’d recommend keeping an eye out for those!

Calorie Deficit / 

Trained hard & diet been on point all week? You’re likely to be in a calorie deficit, which is exactly what you want if you’re looking to loose weight / fat. Therefore having a cheat meal won’t do to much damage, some look it as a refeed for your body as it keeps your metabolism guessing… my moto now? You’re allowed to cheat if you’ve earnt it.

You’re only human / 

Even in my 6 week challenge, it’s at the front of my mind that im not competiting for a competition but i;m trying to find balance. Part of that will include to accept myself or who I am & the body I have. I am lucky in that my body can build muscle and shape quickly & I have taken the time to understand the importance of nutrition BUT I am human. As humans we LOVE fatty & sugary things so if I want something it’s completely normal & something little won’t damage progress or make me a bad person.

A Cake or a Workout doesn’t define you / 

This is something I really think is key. I’m into fitness, yes, but I also bloody cake. If I eat cake or miss a workout it doesn’t mean i’m any less into fitness or that i’m still not working towards my goals. A single action doesn’t define me but my repeated ones do.

Carbs / 

If you’ve followed me for a while you’ll know I often have a bad relationship with carbs. BUTTTT i’ve actually been eating them! This is not a drill, but it is in fact true & you know what? I feel bloody great for eating them! I tend to refuel with carbs after a workout.

Plan / 

Planning my days ahead & even months ahead really ground me. I love to be organised and knowing what’s coming up and what I need to do allows stress levels to stay reduced.

Managing Emotions / 

I don’t like upsetting people. I’m sure that’s normal for a lot of people however, for me, even when people do me wrong I really struggle to fight my corner. It’s always been the case, even back in school. Instead of thinking of a situation logically to find the best answer I inhale all the stress and then find it really difficult to let go. I’ve acknowledged this & am now finding my trigger points while using the head space app to accept the thoughts & then let them go.

I feel that finding balance is still going to be a challenge for me but in the 2 weeks i’ve focused on I feel I have definitely managed certain situations in a better way. If you have any tips on how you find balance & how you practise it please please do let me know, i’m really interested in learning new ideas!
Love Chlo xx

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