Top Tips / Reaching Your Fitness Goals

Goals are a funny thing, aren’t they? Us brits love a final ending, whether it’s the end to the crime drama we watch or finding out who’s won the GBBO, isn’t interesting how we tend to never bother about their after story? Who even won GBBO last year?

It seems that this approach has been adopted by us a culture, we always want a final result & if we don’t get the result we want then fudge it! Just give up altogether.
Another one tends to be in the form of excuses,

‘oh, it’s summer if I can’t enjoy myself now when can I?’
Of course, enjoy yourself, we all need too! But try not to let it become a way of quitting altogether. For me, I used to be a serial ‘quitter’, admittedly the quitting wouldn’t last forever but I was ALWAYS stopping & starting. I’ve battled with being a weekend warrior, read the post about it here! Now, I feel like I’m learning about balance (more to come on this subject) & since learning to have a better balance I’m achieving more results than ever, so here are my top tips for reaching your fitness goals.
Give yourself time / 
Time is probably the most important thing when it comes to your Fitness goals. Give yourself time to develop your fitness levels & slowly increase workouts & intensity. Trying to do things quickly could cause you to over train leading to crash & burning [not literally, well I guess it could be literally] Anyway, take your time & set goals with a long enough time frame.
Variety is key /
Training to run a marathon? Great! but would run 26 miles every week make you excited to run your race? I doubt it. Mix up your workouts to help build strength & challenge your body. Variety keeps the body guessing while keeping things entertaining for your mind. Ever tried circuits before, if not read this about why you should.
Get Foodie / 
Get your nutrition right & you’ll be flyyyyyyinggg soarrrring [na stop] but you will be flying towards your fitness goals. Your body using fats & carbs as energy [carbs as the most preferred but fats as the most effective] & then uses protein to help build and repair. Therefore, all three are vital in achieving your fitness goals. If you haven’t got the right nutrition, you won’t be achieving those goals.
Make decisions / 
As mentioned in my August Thoughts, decisions are key to every success. If you want to get fitter, make the decision to get fitter. If you want to get stronger, make the decision to get stronger. Once you’ve cemented a decision in your brain & associated all the pleasures you will get from making that decision [& identifying the pains you’ll receive if you don’t stick to the decision] you’re going to be more likely to achieve the end result. 
Everyday is a Monday /
Sack off the ‘start on Monday’, every day is a Monday. & by that, I mean everyday is a new day. A fresh Start and new day to kick some asss! Having a bad day shouldn’t result in a bad week, you’ll still see results if you start on a Tuesday. 
Balance / 
This will be spoken about deeper in another post. However, what I’ve realised recently is the importance of balance. Don’t deprive yourself of treats and nights out, it will lead to potentially being socially isolated & cravings that could kill. Give yourself treat days or be good Monday – Friday & slightly more relaxed on the weekends. Whatever works for you, allow yourself your treats. If you want a treat but a slightly healthier treat, see my holland & Barrett haul on youtube.
Feel good, does good / 
Working out can sometimes be a chore & it never helps if you’re feeling rubbish. 
If you love to make up & don’t feel great without it, go for Bare Minerals. The minerals are too large to go into the pores.
Invest in good active wear. With such a fast moving industry, we’re really lucky now that cool activewear in available, so you can look good in the gym now too!
love chlo xxx
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