Top Tips / Starting your Day Healthy

You’re laying in bed & you’re thinking ‘RIGHT TOMORROW I’M GOING TO START BEING HEALTHY’. We’ve all been there & the ‘diet starts tomorrow’ is a very common phrase in most households. Now summer is over & the LBD dress season is here I want to share you with my tips on setting yourself up your health journey & how to ensure you day starts off healthy.

‘If you start the day healthy you’re more likely to finish the day healthy’
Drink a pint of water as soon as you wake up / 

Flush out those toxins with a pint of water. As you sleep you’ll become dehydrated & by drinking water will not only wake you up but help get everything moving again. 

Exercise in the morning / 

Endorphins 1st thing is the morn means you’re feeling good by the time you hit your desk. Exercising in the morning will help set you up for the day & those evening soaps will feel be completely guilt-free because your workout is done.

Drink hot water & lemon / 
The ultimate natural detox & feel good drink. Try it & i’m 90% sure you’ll feel healthier after one cup.

Start with a good breakfast / 

Breakie kicks starts your metabolism for the day. It actually concerns me when people say they don’t enjoy breakfast because it’s the first thing I think of when I wake up & certainly the last thing I think of when I go to sleep. Fuel up with some protein & slow releasing carbs.

Take 10 / 

Take 10 minutes to reflect on how you’re feeling, what you’ve achieved and what you want to achieve. Knowing what you need to do & giving yourself a focus for the day will keep off those nasty cravings.

Think what you want & why you want it / 

I feel like im always going to talk about this because it really all does come down to what you want & why you want it. Knowing the answers to those questions is the key to success. Give it a go & never forget it.

Prepare your lunch / 

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. Cook up extra dinner for your lunch tomorrow – it will stop your trip to the coffee shop being joined by a big slab of cake.

Carry water all day / 
Hydration is key to health & burning fat. If you’re dehydrated you’re body may trick you into thinking your hungry… have a drink, take 2 & then see if you’re still hungry.
love Chlo xxx

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