My Life / Q&A 6 Week Challenge

It’s been over my Instagram & over my other channels about this bloody 6 week challenge & some (or all lol) could be thinking oi Chlo bore off about it now. BUT stay with me for 1 more week, I’m into week 5 now, lost 3kg, leaned up loads & found some balance in my life. I’ve been asked a lot of questions since doing it so this blog post is to try answer some of those & explain how i’ve done it. 
/ How have you managed to write this 6 week challenge? 
Through understanding my body down to a T. Over the past 3/4 years of being into Fitness it hasn’t been clean sailing & i’ve had to go through trial and error about what works for me. My biggest advice for anyone starting their fitness journey would be to slow down & experiment. What works for one person won’t necessarily work for another. For me, HIIT training & a paleo based diet is me working at peak, for someone like Top Fitness Blogger Zanna Van Dijk, weight training is a big staple in her regime. 
/ What exercise have you found works best for you? 
HIIT training is perfect for my body, it tones me yet helps shed the fat. If I didn’t add in my cardio sessions my body shape would be a lot different & HIIT helps create my ideal body for my body shape. I tend to do 1 upper body HIIT/circuit type training & 1 lower body a week with the rest full body HIIT or cardio machine HIIT. The workouts last 20-30mins.
/ What nutrition have you found works best for you?
I follow a paleo based diet & I say ‘based’ loosely as I love the odd bit of granola and my treats are never purposely paleo. Breakfast staples have been eggs with smoked salmon, snacks are a pea protein shake made with almond milk or nuts/seeds and lunches and dinners lean meat/fish with a big amount of vegetables. 
/ What about that sweet tooth?
I have a hugeeeee sweet tooth, so allowing myself a treat on the weekend has been a must for me. During the week greek yoghurt with peanut butter & dark chocolate has really helped me as a healthier sweet treat while at the weekend I do love a good pick n mix. 
/ How many treats have you had? 
One thing I wanted to get from this challenge was balance. So if my friends were going out in town, then I was joining them. If I was going to the cinema, then I was going to have sweets. I don’t want to deprive myself of anything but I have let my treats be something I look forward to at the end of the week, Saturday night’s tend to be treat nights.
/ What’s your opinion on fat burners etc? 
At the end of the day you’ve got to find what works for you. Supplements work for some people and that’s down to them, for me, I know it can be done naturally so that’s what I do. I personally think it’s important to understand that a lot of these ‘burn bullets/fat burners/carb blockers’ bla bla bla are all just marketing techniques. For me, natural is best, natural works & natural is powerful…. & it can be achieved through knowing your body, hard work & self love. 

/ Have you taken any supplements for this challenge? 
Pea protein, if you want to call that a supplement but apart from that none what so ever! I mentioned in my Holland & Barrett haul that I brought the apple cider vinegar tablets, but I think i’ve only taken 2 haha! I’m useless at taking any form of ‘tablet’ or supplement so it wouldn’t work for me. I’m also a true believer in you can achieve results naturally. There are so many personal trainers out there that claim to have been the backbone to a clients transformation with ‘forgetting’ to let us know actually they sold their client steroids or these ‘fat burners’. I am proud to say I have achieved my results through hard work, clean eating & training that works for my body and unfortunately, believe me, when I say there is no quick fix to fat burn or health, but there is one simple rule which is to change your lifestyle. 
/ What’s an example of a HIIT workout you follow? 
There is my leg day/booty building HIIT workout on my youtube channel. I do that particular workout at least once a week. 
/ What’s a typical day for you? 
GYM for steady cardio (if I have time) – Scrambled eggs & smoked salmon – pea protein shake with almond milk & cacao nibs – Chicken thighs with roasted vegetables – Nut, raisin and seed mix – GYM HIIT & ABS – Chicken & huge amount of mixed veg – greek yoga, peanut butter & dark chocolate 

*I only go to the gym twice because my workout in the morning is very casual, I love getting up in the morning and going – it wakes me up & sets me up the day – My ‘workout’ tends to be in the evenings.
/ Have you had any difficulties? 
Oh yeah, battling to break any habit is hard. I was a serial weekend binger especially on a hangover so that was really quite difficult to not do, but I did it and I felt so proud and better & healthier in every way. I’ve also been away to London & trying to stay healthy when travelling can be difficult, It’s just lucky it was London I was going where their health food shops and restaurants are really on the incline. 
/ What were the goals for this challenge?
To find balance in my life, to not threat about the small stuff or if I want a little treat & to achieve the best body I can through a plan I’ve done myself – I really believe i’ve nearly reached these goals, now just to smash it for the last week.
/ One small bit of advice for anyone? 
If you know your body, you can achieve anything.

I will be doing a vlog on everything i’ve learnt this challenge so stay tuned. 

Love Chlo xx

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