My Life / The Nutrition Rules I Follow

I get asked a lot about the type of things I eat and do in the gym, while telling someone about the gym is slightly harder, I can tell you about the nutrition rules I follow. Please remember everyone is different and I feel it’s really important to always get to know your own body before changing your diet to similar to someone else’s.

Veggie galore /

Veggie galore seems to be an under statement. Veg is what I use to bulk up all my meals, whether that’s spinach with my eggs or my mountain of roasted veg at dinner I do tend to pile veggies in my meals. I get most of my carbs from veg so when i’m not eating things like bread/rice which are what I call ‘thicker’ carbs, I need a lot of veg to ensure I am getting some carbs!

Aquaaaa /

I carry a big bottle of water with me EVERYWHERE I go, it’s always a 1.5L-2L bottle. Sometimes it gets a bit silly, I could go for dinner but i’ll still take it… ‘just in case’. It’s kinda my comfort blanket now.

Coffee /

Black coffee in the morning, White coffee in the afternoon. That is what tends to happen most days. I always always have a black coffee before I head to the gym in the mornings as my pre workout, then if i’m at uni coffee breaks tend to be a regular thing. White Americano plz. I go for that drink choice because it’s one of the less calories ones, it can be surprising how the calories add up in things like lattes.

Animal product with every meal /

Vegans look away now. But it’s true. I have an animal product with every since meal (not snacks). When I look at it like that i’m like da fk maybe I should cut back a bit but it seems to be what works for me. Eggs in the morn, chicken or turkey for lunch & meat or fish for dinner… *I am going to go vegan for a day soon.

Snack on peanut butter /

Peanut butter is my bloody favourite thing to ever walk to the earth. Ok, it might not walk literally but it somehow manages to make it’s way into my mouth Moderation is key but it can be a great fuel.. and a tasty one with that.

Protein /

So if eating animal products at every meal isn’t enough, I also have a protein shake. However, this is Pea protein which is a vegan blend *vegans clapping*. I find my stomach can tolerate it more than the whey proteins, but the texture and taste isnt great so sometimes if i’m feeling lazy and can’t be bothered to blend up my protein i’ll steal a bit of my boyfriends whey. My stomach doesn’t tend to notice when I have a little bit. * for my go-to pea protein shake recipe head to my instagram!

Dried fruit /

Dates, raisins, dried pineapple ohhh ma gad. I love dried fruit probably more than what is deemed sane but it’s the dried fruit that tends to keep me sane. If i’m craving sugar reaching for a chocolate bar doesn’t sit right with me anymore but the natural sugars in the dried fruit is perfect for hitting the spot, the fibre doesn’t half help with ermmm… moving things along too.

Eat Regularly / 

I tend to eat every 2 1/2 hours to keep my hormones level and stop my hangry attitude problem.

Below is an example of a ‘usual’ day of eating:

 What nutrition rules do you follow?

love chlo xxx

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