Health Hacks to follow // Christmas

If Christmas being round the corner doesn’t scare you then I’m not sure what will. Now the next thing is now Christmas and how the heck did that happen. 
I know it’s very ‘fitness blogger’ of me to say but I really am my happiest when i’m eating good food and training hard, I don’t get anxious or worry about things as much and me dealing with stress tends to be slightly better managed (note the slightly) so when there are more parties, alcohol and yummy food around this party season I want to be able to enjoy myself but also stay feeling great. This means following a few healthy hacks around Christmas rather than bingeing like crazy! So this post is one where I thought I would share with you my healthy hacks that I do to stay healthy around this bloody cold but incredible season.


HIIT is a great way for me to be able to enjoy a big meal or a night out. HIIT will mean I keep burning fat for up to 24 hours after and if I’ve done a workout before I eat, my body will be craving all those macros i’ll get from the good food – using the majority to refuel rather than converting it straight into fat…. an added bonus is that 20 minutes is the perfect amount of time for great results (see my youtube workout).

Over indulging tends to be common around Christmas, if I feel i’ve overindulged, i’ll do a HIIT session first thing the next morning. It makes me feel like i’m using up all the energy I got from all the food I ate the night before. *research is unbalanced about whether this actually happens, there is research to suggest this does happen but also that it doesn’t – I just feel like it does mentally

80/20 //

Most people are huge fans of the 80/20 rule and it definitely comes into play for me at Christmas. I will aim to be good 80% of the time by choosing nourishing foods but I won’t be that girl that turns down the xmas pud or that choco log for that matter!

Stay Hydrated //

With more sugary foods being eaten around Christmas, I often find my body will crave more and more sugar. The more I eat it, the more I want it. My body is also a little nasty when it comes to tricking me into thinking Im hungry when actually i’m just thirsty. So i’ll keep to drinking about 3 litres of water a day – this will help flush out toxins from alcohol too.

Drink Smart //

Ahhh yes, alcohol. I feel like alcohol is my best friend but also worst enemy. It makes me chat shit, have fun and feel horrendous the next morning yet I can’t get enough. BUTTT Empty calories from alcohol are evvvverryyywhere! So I tend stick to Vodka, lime & soda which is said to be a bit cleaner than your usual Pinot … prob will make it a double though, it is Christmas after all. & if the champers is out, i’m not one to miss out… (damn it, i’ve rhymed with the same word)

Up my complex carbs //

I always find the less the carbs I eat the colder I feel, so upping my carbs to keep me warm on my commute to uni for me is a must else I literally freeeeze. I’ll still be mindful on the carbs I eat, i’ll do it in a way of changing my breakfast for example, having warm porridge oats with a scoop of protein in instead of just eggs.

Sleep well //

Anyone who knows me will know all too well that i’m a monster without sleep so with late nights at the weekends and around christmas,  i’ll make sure for the run up i’m getting a good amount. 8 hours is a bit of me.

Plan //

If I know i’ve got a Christmas meal or a night out for example, i’ll plan my week around it to make sure I’m still making progress or not ruining it all. Whether that’s scheduling a workout or slightly changing my nutrition plan so I can still enjoy myself.

Home Bake //

While my mum hates the mess, I love baking & cooking and Christmas is no exception. I substitute ‘bad’ foods such as cane sugar for things like maple syrup and coconut sugar or sweetener as a way of enjoying treats in a healthier way. Making them yourself, you’ll know the ingredients and probably slash some of the calories too. Check my Instagram where there are a variety of different healthier treats you could make this Christmas too!

Oh & office treats an issues?… try taking in some of your healthy home baked treats so you don’t feel like your missing out. Your colleagues might appreciate the health kick too….

Let me know how you get on… 
love Chlo xx

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