7 Nutrition Facts You Might Want to Know

If you don’t know already, i’m now a qualified nutrition coach so I thought I would share with you some facts you may or may not know…

/ Drinking 3L of water a day won’t drown you

It’s a regular occurrence for me to wack out my 1.5L bottle of water & people laughing, saying ‘do you really drink all of that in one day?’ When I reply yeah actually about 2, sometimes 3.. the reply is 90% of the time ‘BE CAREFUL YOU’LL DROWN YOURSELF’… i’m still alive. It’s actually great for cravings and flushing everything out of your system.

/ Your body will adapt to the amount of calories you eat

If you think living off 1000 calories for the rest of your life will get you slim, you’re wrong. A process called ‘metabolic adaptation’ takes place. This means your body will adapt to the calories you eat, often quite quickly to make sure you stay alive. Make sure you’re eating enough and if you want to drop fat  – let me try help, send me a message for the nutrition plans I now offer!

(this is also why many people hit plateus)

/ You can still eat chocolate and loose weight 

You will continue to loose fat as long as your body is in a calorie deficit. This means you’re burning more calories than you’re eating. Therefore, if you have enough calories spare at the end of your day/week to eat a chocolate bar without going out of your deficit you can technically still make progress by eating chocolate – again if you want to know more on this, holla at me.

/ Coffee doesn’t give you energy

So, it isn’t actually coffee itself giving you the energy. Yeaaah yeah we know, its the caffeine stupid’ I hear you shouting… well not quite. What actually causes you to have the energy is that caffeine causes a spike in adrenaline which is what actually gives you the energy. So technically the adrenaline gives you the energy, not the actual coffee.

/ You can take Whey protein even if your lactose intolerant 

You may know I take a vegan blend of protein because I couldn’t stomach whey. However, it’s now been brought to my attention that normal whey protein can often give bloating and carbs but whey isolate is likely to not give you these symptoms. The majority of lactose intolerant people can often handle whey isolate too … i’ve brought a 1kg pouch to try out, i’ll let you know how I get on!

Did you know all of these?
love chlo xx

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