My Goals / 2017

New Year. Wow. A lot can happen in a year & I feel like 2016 was a prime example of that. 
I’m super excited for 2017 & already week 1 into it it’s going bloody amazing, I have a huge group of girls doing a free 4 week challenge, sorry if you missed the chance i’m hoping to do more in the future!
Goals for 2017 though… here goes,
Get Stronger & Leaner / 

Creating a stronger and leaner physique is one of my goals, but I want to do it through a healthy way. I don’t want any crashes or energy lacking, just strong workouts fuelled by decent food!

Develop my career / 

It’s no secret that i’m always wanting to develop my career more. I love learning & I love succeeding. On Twitter, I said that a goal would be to stop worrying what people thought of me – that’s so true when it comes to my career. Often I find myself not doing things as I worry about what people will think – lol not in 2017 sista…

Graduate from uni / 
It feels like yesterday I was starting year 7, now i’m graduating! da fuk! .. I’m actually so sad to leave uni, I’ve loved every second of it (apart from living there), i’ve made some life long besties and now im getting all emosh thinking about it… oh ma gad dont make me adult pleaseeeeee!!

Create a stronger mindset / 
I’m a stresshead & I’m a huge worrier… It improved so much last year that im going to continue reading & using techniques to help, my saviour of 2016? Headspace… go try plz.

Enjoy more times with friends & family / 

As part of me being a stress head, it means i’m very bloody at isolating myself. I often struggle to switch off & relax, I get invited to things then talk myself out them… this year? I’m going to say yes more to thing’s i’ll enjoy, after all… with graduating this is the last time i’m going to out of full time work…
So, if you haven’t noticed already i’ve completely scared myself thinking about 2017, but here goes anyway!!
What are your goals?
Chlo xxx

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