Weight loss Myths / The truth

Gluten Free Isn’t Healthy / 

Firstly, i’m sorry. I’m sorry to tell you this because so many people feel if they go for a gluten free cake they are being healthier than a normal on and it’s wrong. You see, gluten free options are for those with a gluten intolerance, it is therefore a ‘healthier’ option for those with an intolerance due to the cake not playing funny buggers with their stomach and gut…however it doesn’t mean it’s healthier when it comes to weight loss – a little secret for you (that we need to shout to the world) – gluten free cakes tend to have more sugar in to keep the taste! – more sugar = more calories!

Eat sugar with protein / 

An example: Apple with peanut butter or greek yog with berries! – Basically the protein slows the digestion and absorption of the sugar which stops such a huge spike in insulin – big spike it insulin can lead to fat storage!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day / 

I’ve looked into research of this & found that research is really floored, based on a multiple different aspects and that there are not any significant findings based on whether breakfast it best, it is, for the eggs, but there is no evidence to suggest you NEED to have it! So if you’re not a breakie person, don’t sweat it!

Nut butter’s great for you / 

Nut butters as marvellous as they are actually contain a lot of calories! A small teaspoon has around 90 calories… DA FK?! – that’s a lot, so watch out if you’re having peanut butter on toast – measurements are important.

You’re not allowed chocolate to lose weight /

& IM NOT HAPPY TO TELL YOU THIS IS WRONG! Now, to loose weight, you need to eating less calories than your putting out. If you know the amount of calories you need and you eat a chocolate bar without going over your calories allowance for that day – you will in fact still loose weight… chocolate bars do tend to hold a lot of calories compared to ‘cleaner’ foods, therefore i’d recommend in moderation as it’s so easy to eat your whole calories for the day without having any goodness…

Love Chlo xxx

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