The Truth / Fad Diets

It might be my 21st birthday on Sunday but i’m actually glad we are coming towards the end of Jan. I’m bored of the fad diet adverts & i’m bored of the emails asking me to sell fad diets…. but the reason why I haven’t wrote this post sooner is because I strongly feel like i’m in no place to tell someone how to spend their money. However, if you’re a fad dieter let me give you a bit of info…

They work / 

They work simply because of maths. The maths behind weight loss is Calories out > Calories in. These fad diet slash your daily calorie allowance… therefore causing weight loss. An example? The Herbal Life ‘healthy meal’ shakes is only 90 calories!

but does it Forever? / 

No, unless you’re happy to live off shakes / ready meals / 5:2 / soup or whatever diet you’re on for the rest of your life the diet isn’t sustainable. Once you start eating normal food again, it’s highly likely you’ll put the weight back on. If you can’t see yourself doing it forever, don’t start.

What about your body adapting? / 

This is important…. if you’re on a calorie controlled diet or even a ‘soup’ type diet. Your body will adapt to the calories you are eating. Your body doesn’t care if you want to loose weight, it’s job is to keep you alive therefore you will eventually stop loosing weight and hit plateau. My question is what happens when you hit plateau but you’re already on crazily low calories?

They are brand trying to make profit / 

These fad diets often come from a big brand who’s cleverly seen a market in vulnerable people wanting quick fixes. These products are often mega expensive and are there to make the seller lots of £££. Be thoughtful about the fad diet you’re buying into, healthy living & weight loss doesn’t need to cost you an arm or leg & doesn’t have to be attached to a brand…

No Education / 

By biggest issues with these fad diets is there is no education. The only education seems to be ‘do this and you’ll get this’. The reason why they won’t educate you more will often be because there is no more education for that diet or the education will put you off the diet!!

So what would you advice? / 

– Educate yourself on wholesome foods this not only is cheaper but will not be funding the CEO of a brand that is trying to exploit you.
– If you need a coach, opt for a passionate about health & fitness nutrition coach (cough, me, cough), one that can educate you on food and fitness so you can make choices for yourself
– Personally, i’d stay away from anything that tells you EXACTLY what to eat… (unless you’ve got an illness/intolerance, then only listen to a dietician!)

Comment below with any thoughts or questions!
Love Chlo xxx

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