The Not-So-Glam Life of a PT

PT’s, the body changers, the body understanders and the weight changers. It’s given this glam status that ‘everyone’ now wants to be part of. Looking after your body and having a strong body is suddenly as fashionable as ever and when a PT can help give you that, well that’s simply amazing isn’t it! Fitness has been given this huge status of sexy now, but is it really as sexy as we all think???

The Clothing /

Yeah it’s tight and shows off your hard work… but it will also show off any lumps and bumps you’re uncomfortable with. It’s only been in the last few years that fashionable and nice sports wear has become available on the mass but still nothing is the same as putting on your fave shirt and boots in the morning. As comfy as it is, it is very hard to glam up a pair of Nike leggings and jumper.

The Rest of your look /

Make up for me tends to be a big no-no and having proper done hair again tends to be tricky. When wearing gym kit in a full face of make up and proper perfectly curled hair tends to look odd, you could find yourself going for the minimum look which can actually be really boring… sometimes you want to get up in the morning and be sassy but when your job is about getting sweaty this tends to be difficult.

The Expectations /

ohhhhh you’re a PT but you’re eating a creme egg? yeah babe… as a PT or fitness blogger you’re expected to live your life like a robot. While some will never touch a creme egg I defo will… oh and the burger…oh and the fish and chips. I’m defo not going to chuck around the word balance here but you may often find yourself having to justify why you’re taking a rest day or why you’re eating some cake… FYI you don’t need to justify it but sometimes people expect you too.

The Shifts /

Think 6am gym starts that will finish by 9am, then a huge lull and you’re back in for evening clients at 4. It can actually be quite lonely, you’re free when no one else is and you’re busy when everyone else is coming home from work….

looool… i’ve made it seem so so shit, you guys know I love this industry but sometimes it’s good to have a little rant and moan yano???
if you’re in the industry .. how do you solve my struggles?
Chlo xxx

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