5 Ways You Can Be More Active

If your goal is to be more active keep that in the centre of your mind when you’re doing your everyday activities. Being mindful about your goals and your lifestyle is a great way of keeping on track, here are 5 ways you can be more active…

– Walk where you can

It’s so easy to get into the habit of using our cars, whether it’s to pop to the corner shop or nip to see your gran the car is so much easier. Walking is great cardio and helps not only cardiovascular health but also helps burn calories! In a rush? Pick up datttt pace!

– Move your body every hour on the hour

This is my fave to do if im sat at home working all day! I’m a procrastinator unless I have a plan, so I tell myself every hour on the hour I can take a break and either walk up the stairs or do something that moves my body… BUT I have to get up out my seat!

– Meet Your Friends While Doing an Activity

Most of us tend to grab food or head on a night out, but a great way of being active is actually meeting your mates while doing something that gets us moving. A long walk to catch up or even a gym session togethers hits 2 goals of mine, to stay active & to be more social (I like my own company way too much)

– Take the stairs

Now, if you’re in company this may take some persuasion to get the other person to take the stairs with you but it’s such a simple hack you can do without even thinking!

– Do it for someone else

This is prob my fave. We actually tend to be rubbish at doing things for ourselves, we will talk ourselves out of running because we are ‘tired’. If you start being active for someone else it takes the need for motivation away, signing up to a charity event is the perfect example of this.

Summer is starting, so let’s be more active together!
See ya walking to Costa sistaaaa 
Chlo xxx

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