5 Reasons Carbs Aren’t the Devil

No carbs before marbs, low carb diets and carbs make you fat. We’ve heard it all about how bad carbs are, but they really aren’t. Let me try convince you in 5 reasons….

– The Simple vs the Complex

‘Not all carbs are made equal’. At the end of the day a carb is a carb, however, certain carbs do have better properties in than others. For example, wholegrains are higher in fibre and goodness than ‘white’ carbs (wholegrain pasta vs white pasta). Opting for complex carbs such at sweet potato, quinoa, whole grains offer a slower release of energy rather than a quick spike like white rice or fruit.

– They help make things flow

Carbs often come with a larger amount of fibre, things like whole grains and dates are packed with fibre to help move things along… you may often find those on low carb diets are often blocked up!

– They give us energy

Carbs are your bodies most desired energy source, whether it’s from fruit and gives us a quick spike of energy or oats and giving us a slow release they are a must for energy. Sugar is a quick release carb which is why you’ll find runners eating jelly babies or similar while running, they are after that quick hit as they will use that energy. For the every day person, we are wanting to go for slow release energy so we don’t get the spike, why? because are less likely to use that energy quickly, especially those of us with office jobs. 

Carbs make us feel good

It is said that carbs contain ”contain tryptophan, which helps produce the feel-good hormone serotonin in your brain.” – womenshealthmag.com 
This again will help explain why those who are on low carb diets are often never the party animals! 

– They taste bloody good

I’m yet to meet someone that doesn’t love the taste of carbs, whether thats whole grains or sugar, they are bloody yummy. The thing with carbs is they are still seen as the enemy so when people chuck them out of their diet for good they deprive themselves which tends to lead to a binge sooner rather than later (speaking on experience). If something tastes good and can be good for us why deprive ourself? 

Don’t chuck out any vital macronutrient, there is always time for carbs. I tend to eat my carbs post workout or first thing in the morning to help refuel my body – try that out to avoid eating excess carbs!

Love Chlo xxxx

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