When Being Selfish isn’t Being Selfish

It’s become so much to my awareness that we are constantly told to do stuff for other people, yet I can’t help but feel that although this is lovely that we often forget the most important thing and that’s to look after ourselves.

I’ve been in Spain for a few days, a relaxed culture that although may be slow at completing things, enjoy every moment. They take time for themselves whether thats a long lunch or their siesta, they do really look after themselves and I guess, put themselves first. 
Talking to my parents, successful business owners and successful stress adopters, I’m sure they won’t mine me saying either but although I’m always busy and often stressed I couldn’t help but find myself relate to the Spainish more than I did them. It could be the selfish Aquarius in me or the fact I don’t have as many bills as they do, but I do, when I come to think of it, take a lot of time out for myself – but I don’t believe that makes me selfish? Let me explain…
I schedule my day around what needs to be done, just like most people, yet unlike my parents, what needs to be done is also ‘me time’. Now I don’t mean ‘me time’ as in to block everyone out and go splash all my boyfriends money shopping or not helping around the house because I’m having precious diva-ish ‘me time’. Me time to me is making sure I do what NEEDS to be done, Yano the boring shit, like admin but also what I want to get done, things that are still going to benefit my life but are also needed. I’ve listed below some things I mean for myself: 
/ Train – whether it’s a run or gym, I’ll always schedule in my training

/ Good food – Whether that’s cooking or grabbing something to eat, eating nourishing foods is essential

/ Coffee – I don’t like a day without coffee!

/ Waking up around 7:00am – dunno hun, just like it.
Now you’re prob thinking these things aren’t actually ‘selfish’ things but what if my training effected someone else’s life, for example a family meal? or my love for meat or fish to accompany every meal when I’m going for lunch with Vegan Kate? Then yeah it’s prob selfish right? Or is it? – it’s such a subject I toy about in my little brain all the time. I don’t want my love for me time to stop but I also don’t want it to effect other people’s lives? …. so I’ve found a way to help that! & it’s my best tip for those wanting to adopt a healthier and fitter life…
‘Make ‘Me Time’ An Appointment’  (that’s not copywrit-ed, so you can use that one if you like)
When we sat eating tostada in the Old Town Javea I literally chuckled and thought how the hell have I got away with having so much me time and so many people struggle to fit it is? After chats with my the ‘rents about it, it’s because I live my life by appointments. Hourly appointments to be exact. You’d never guess I was obsessed with being organised and having a plan would you….(nervous laugh)
My training is booked in every single day, structured around what NEEDS to be done, I can factor in what I WANT done. If I want to train – that gets filed into my diary like any meeting would. I’ve found appointments work well with productivity too, sometimes I give myself an appointment to get a particular task done e.g Today, 4:30-5pm, write the blog post ‘when selfish isn’t being selfish’… I often give myself an hour in the evening to train and I normally ONLY have that slot but it’s a way of being able to do what I love to do every single day and those appointments will change daily.
After tostada, we walked 10,000 extra steps and put the world to rights… with my parents getting ready to go back to schedule in their ‘me time’ just like they do with their meetings too…. 
Successful day all round I’d say… now it’s time for my 5pm appointment of running on the beach… cya!
Chlo xxx

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