3 Way’s I Changed My Health

I’ve tried a variety of health and fitness tests or fads over the years but the 3 this year that have really helped me are what I want to share with you guys….

– Tracking my Macros
I’m not going to keep boring you with how much this has changed my life (a lot btw) but simply understanding the amount of calories my body needs and the macros it needs has not only changed by body but also my skin, energy and over all health. 
It’s so common to be under or over eating that actually when I’m eating the foods my body needs exactly I am a completely different person – a better and stronger person. 
I track my calories and macros to make sure I eat enough through the day using My Fitness Pal (available on the App Store)
– Intolerance Test
I’ve suffered from bloating and dodgy skin and when I came across an intolerance test that didn’t break the bank I thought why the hell not. It came back with a variety of foods that I’m sensitive too with dairy being the biggest culpri along with things like tuna, peanuts and cashews. It’s been two weeks now that I’ve given up dairy, my skin has cleared and I’ve had no bloating (apart from I ate some tuna and I bloated) and I feel so so much better in myself. I no longer have a mini pregnancy bump due to all the dairy.
I used nutritiontogo.com for my intolerance test (£30-£60)*
– Metabolic Typing 
This is a questionnaire that asked you questions and puts you into a metabolic type, either protein & fats, carbs or mixed. I’m always wanting to try new things on my body and after seeing through tracking that I don’t eat a lot of carbs I tried to increase them. However, it lead to be sleeping in the day and feeling exhausted, puffy and crashing. After doing a variety of tests on the internet it came back that was very fat & protein metabolisms and adapted and therefore my body work’s best on those. Since going back to my old habits of higher fat and protein diet there has been no day time napping and not huge amount of puffiness! Win!
I didn’t just do one questionnaire, I did a variety to get a large response… I simply typed in ‘metabolic typing questionnaire’ online.*

* I am fully aware the intolerance test and metabolic typing are not the most specific and scientific tests you can do out there but as someone who likes to try and challenge myself I was open to them to see if they would help the issues I was facing. They helped me and that’s why I wanted to share them with you guys because I feel this blog is a great platform for me to tell you guys about what works best for my body and if it works for you too then win win ey!

Let me know if you try any of these! 
Chlo xxx

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