5 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started My Health & Fitness Journey

Whether you’re just starting your journey or you’ve made some changes to your life and seeing some results, I found myself sitting back onto my bed after I tried on my bikini for my holiday with my boyfriend that’s in just under a weeks time. I’m finally the happiest, sometimes most stressed, but the happiest I’ve ever been. Thing’s are good and this is going to be first week holiday that I go away feeling completely happy in my own skin and in a bikini – that’s mad when I think about it, considering I’ve been on this fitness journey since I was about 17 (4 years). I started reflecting and I’m so proud of what I’ve achieved especially this year with sorting my food and qualifications and I laughed a little at my old self, the one that thought she knew it all. The one that thought being skinny was the answer…. Here’s what I wish I knew before I started…
  • Skinny Doesn’t Always Mean Happiness
This is the one that killed me the most. I remember it like yesterday, I was the smallest I’ve ever been at a tiny size 6, I’d just finished my A levels yet I wasn’t happy. I’d split from my boyfriend and my mentality and mindset was awful. Why the hell wasn’t I happy now I was skinny? … 
It’s because I didn’t love the person who I was before the journey. Your weight changes, but you don’t. You’re weight changes but that doesn’t mean everything else will. I hated who I was and just because I now had a smaller frame, it didn’t change that mindset. 
Love yourself and who are you, be proud of who you are and work hard in other aspects of your life. You’re more than your body size, a whole lot more. 
  • You Will Fluctuate and It Is Completely Normal
Ahh Fluctuation, one minute I’ve got a glimpse of abs, the next I’m bloating. I’m 2kg smaller in the mornings that the evening… what?! It’s normal. With hormones, what you eat or drink and your emotions all playing a part in how your body is seen by the eye, please remember it’s normal to fluctuate. Furthermore than those daily fluctuations, it’s also normal for your body to change over time. Whether it’s at Christmas after eating a bit too many mince pies (cor I could do with one of those now).. or whether it’s because you’ve spent the summer partying… enjoying life means fluctuations and that’s completely normal & OK!
  • You Won’t Always Make Progress 
Your body adapts, life happens, holidays / friends / family blah blah, even illness happens. Not every day you’re going to wake up feeling better than yesterday, not every month you’re going to get stronger. Relax and enjoy your journey, not everything is about winning constantly. 
Sometimes you have to lose to win bigger.
  • It Will Change Your Life in More Ways Than One 
Wow, and it’s this true. I never ever thought back when I was 17 running to shift my soft tummy would it be my career sharing my knowledge and journey with other females with my main purpose in life to change lives through health and fitness. NEVER! However, it’s not just my career it’s changed or my body. I feel I appreciate everything so much more, good quality food, local and fresh produce, the environment and all aspects of health. My mindset has changed and is a huge part of my life thanks to health and fitness. 
If you’re just starting out, please don’t think exercising and eating better will just change your body.
It can change a whole variety of things, you just wait and see. 
  • Your Diet Plays a Bigger Part Than Exercise
Running 5k and then coming home to a huge bowl of carbonara following with 3 kitkats (stolen from the kitchen) and 2 yoghurts (who only wants one right?) and there I was wondering why my running won’t help me shift some fat? … Or I would be running 5k and living off salads and wondering why I had no energy to get out running? …Since my qualifications and since Jan this year my whole life has been changed via sorting out my diet. I enjoy ice cream (2 tubs of Oppo in 3 days just saying), I enjoy meals out, I understand the good foods and the better foods and I know how to fuel my body for the day ahead – but that’s only now. I really wish I knew diet played such a huge part early on because since getting that sorted, my lifestyle, my mindset, energy and relationships as well as my body fat % has improved so so much. 

What would you tell your previous self?
Love Chlo xxxx

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