5 Tips To Have a Healthier Life Without It Taking Over Your Life

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1) Make one small change every day

This is my favourite. Don’t go in all guns blazing. What I find with a lot of people is we go all out and then crash because it’s often too much to handle for both our bodies and psychologically. Remove everything we are used too and all we will do is crave it more. Try making one small change each day e.g ‘Today I’m going to drink as glass of water every 1.5hours’ or ‘Today I’m going to eat protein at every meal’ – Set yourself daily challenges, not life challenges.

2) Walk places

Again, this could be one of your daily changes. If you live in a town, try to walk to the shop instead of drive for that milk or even to work if you can. Walking burns so many calories and is proven to be extremely good for overall health.

3) Cook from scratch

This is the easiest way of managing calories without tracking. You know exactly what goes into your food so therefore you can choose better ingredients. If you fancy a curry, chuck away the tin’s and add in some curry powder / chill / garam masala and a tin of chopped tomatoes for an incredibly easy tomato based curry!

4) Eat Little & Often

This helps stopping the binge. Eating little and often is said to help stabilise blood sugar levels and therefore leaving you able to keep the cravings at bay & hormones stable.

5) Plan

Taking 5 minutes out of your day to plan your food and exercise for the week is a great way to manage your life but also to feel as though it’s not taking over your life. I like to think as the gym or my exercise as an appointment, similar to work or the dentist. I then schedule it in my day as if it’s an appointment that I can’t miss. If you’ve got a family, appointment schedule could be really beneficial for you too, for example, my step mum has her exercise appointment at 6:30am as that’s what suits her best, once it’s scheduled in, she’s more likely to stick to it.

Love Chlo xxx

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