5 Tips to Staying On Track During Tough Times

Hey, hey. I’m back and this time with prob not the most happiness but for me, this post I felt I needed to share with you guys. Everyone goes through difficult times and it’s the tough times that also tend to knock us off good habits and straight back into our bad ones. If you’re reading this, those bad habits could be something like ‘bingeing on chocolate’ or ‘giving up on the gym’.

Tough times causes difficulties physically and emotionally. The stress can be awful for our bodies and you may find your thoughts aren’t clear. I lost my pup Samba last week and for some it may only be a dog, but he was so much more to our family than that. He was my little brother and best friend and every day without him being around is horrible. When he passed, I did sit and think, this could be dangerous if I don’t stay mindful. By dangerous I don’t mean bingeing is dangerous, I just didn’t want to slip back into old habits…. here are my top tips on how I felt with Sammy without going back to bad habits and this I really do feel could be related to many situations from relationship issues to career ones too.

1) Stay Mindful and in the Moment

Try to be mindful in everything you do. What I mean by this is in a sense, always using your thoughts before you act. Ask yourself before you go back to your old habit, for example, with myself it’s bingeing… is this really what I want? Why would I binge now? How would that make me feel?

2) Remember what you’ve learnt or what you’re learning

During any journey you will always have learnt something or be learning something. I’ve learnt not only when I binge, but how much I binge but I’ve also learnt about the foods and the activities that make me feel good. A binge on junk food for example makes me feel sluggish, miserable and uncomfortable where as a huge plate of amazing veggies and good protein makes me feel revitalised, satisfied and a lot happier!

3) Notice The Triggers

This is the biggest one for me. Try to work out when you go back into that bad habit you’re wanting to avoid. For me with bingeing, it’s when something goes wrong or if I’m at a big event is when I tend to slip back into bingeing. From noticing what triggers a binge enables me to workout possible times a binge may happen. When losing Sam, I was aware that previously this could cause a binge and therefore I tried to stay mindful on my behaviours to notice any other triggers.

4) Give Yourself a Little Break

When going through a tough time, some of us stop everything and others go full blast. It’s important especially if you’re under stress to not over do it. You can cause the risk of over training and exhausting yourself which in turn will leave you feeling worse than you already did. Sometimes just taking a little break to get your head back in the right place could do you good, if you’re used to training heavy weights, maybe swap it for a brisk walk instead to try lower your stress levels.

5) Remember Why You Changed to Better Habits in the First Place

Sometimes you just need to remember why you started in the first place. If the reasons you started in the first place meant a lot to you and are deep inside you, that could often be enough to keep you going through tough times.

Relax, take a breath, remember why you’re doing this & it will get easier.
Chlo xxx

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