Reasons Why You Might Not Be Loosing Fat

– Under eating

It’s a common misconception that we need to eat less to lose more. In a lot of cases this is still true, however, the serial dieter may be the opposite. You see, if you find yourself barely eating or just opting of a chicken salad, skipping snacks and running off coffee.. you may find you’re under eating which will lead to 0 fat loss. You see your body needs to keep you alive, the less you eat, the less energy and the harder your body has to work to keep you alive therefore it will start shutting down things and stop you doing things.. you may find you’re sleepy all the time or relying on coffee, that’s your body trying to slow you down to stop you burning as many calories –  ya get me?

– Over eating

Then you have the flip side and the one we think we all actually do. If you find yourself as a serial snacker then this one is for you, you see snacks aren’t calorie-less and they add up. You may find yourself eating too much without you even realising it.

– Eating Sugar

When sugar isn’t being used it could end up being stored as fat. If you find yourself snacking or craving sugar it could mean one of the two above… cravings sugar could mean you’re under eating and your body is desperate for energy or eating a lot could tip you over the scale into the fat gain area.

– Cut out Carbs

You’re body need all 3 macros – carbs, fats & proteins. You cut one out you may find your stepping in the under eating category and also may find that reducing the calories and carbs will lead to hormones and sugar levels being unbalanced AS WELL as cravings … leading to a potential big binge which would rapidly decrease fat loss.

– Too much Cardio 

This is on the opposite spectrum to under eating, in the sense that the end results of burning too many calories is the same however you go about it differently. Cardio burns so many calories that you may find you’re burning too much and not eating enough leaving your body deprived leading to a drop in energy rather than a drop in fat.

Love Chlo xxx

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