5 High Protein Breakfasts

Protein Smotein! You hear it everywhere, but as brits it’s actually a macro that we often deprive ourselves of and is such an important macro when it comes to your health and fitness.
I really encourage all my clients and myself to have protein at every meal, yet protein at breakfast seems to be the one people struggle with most. BUT HAVE NO FEAR, I’ve got some high protein breakfasts that I can’t wait to share with you!


Oats are a fab energy and carb source and a very popular breakie, for added protein you can simply add in 100g of greek yoghurt. Here, I’ve used Fage total 0%. Topped with chopped hazelnuts and Pip & Nut chocolate hazelnut butter …. a must! Pip and Nut are a fabulous brand offering clean nut butters that are naturally high in protein and good fats. You can buy their book here!



Ahhhh the good old English breakie! You see, your English breakfast doesn’t have to be full of nasty fats and high in calories. Cutting the fat off the bacon and scrambled eggs cooked in a small amount of butter, you can’t go wrong!

/ Dairy Free Yoghurt Bowl

This one is for those of you that aren’t keen on the dairy. Alpro GO ON. yoghurt is perfect for you, high in calories without the dairy made with soya. If you’re into dairy then you can def go for the total fage 0% like in the porridge bowls, however if you’re wanting to look after the cows, then Alpro has your back. This is topped with Rude Health Granola, blueberries, raisins & Meridan Almond butter. 


High protein breakfasts or healthy breakfasts doesn’t mean you can’t see pancakes again! Here I’ve used Misfits Nutrition vegan whey as I can’t have whey protein, however any whey protein will do! I recommend My Protein Vanilla Whey. This is topped with fruit and My Protein Sugar Free Syrup & If you’re after a great protein pancake recipe I recommend grabbing The Body Coach’s book!

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/ Egg Muffins

Ahhh these are delights! You basically whisk eggs and your choice of fillings (I used cheese, bacon and courgette) and pour the mixture into muffin cases and baked in the oven! Sprinkle a little cheese on top for that extra cheeseyness. Is that even a word? Who knows.
A great recipe again, can be found in The Body Coach’s book!

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Could you guess I’m still quite a fan of Joe Wick’s recipes?! Ha! 
The point of this post was to try to share with you guys that there is a variety of foods you can have that are high in protein! 
I’d love if you could share with me your creations! Tag me on Instagram @chlohodgkinson 
Love Chlo xxxxx

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