5 Tips To Follow After a Heavy Weekend

 Ahhh the bank holiday! I’m hoping i’m not the only one that spent it in the sunshine with a fair few too many Pimms and veg crisps. I’ve got this thing for veg crisps at the mo, I ate a whole big bag when I got in from my night out on Saturday… anyway i’m going off track. I’m here to share with my fave peeps (you) what I do after an over-indulgent weekend or week or however long it may be…

/ Stay Hydrated

So bank hol, most of us were very lucky to have a lot of sun, mix that with alcohol and a hangover and dehydration is very very common. Drinking plenty of fluids is essential and while I came out of bank holiday scared I had some heat exhaustion/stroke, I got give this great tip… Get a sugary drink (oj is great) and add a sprinkle of salt to help replenish your body. IT WORKS! Dioralyte works a treat as well but I recommend drinking more than you usually would and being really mindful on making sure your drinking enough water. *caffeine won’t help as it can dehydrate you, opt for good chilled water instead.. your body will thank you.

/ Fill your body with veggies and fruit

Micro nutrients is probably what your body is lacking of most. Opting for things like salads are also full of water and therefore can help hydrate you while berries and greens will give you that boost you may need. Vit C from oranges are a great pick me up too I find!

/ Get Some Rest

Over indulgence for me often leaves me unable to get to sleep as easy, waking up a few times in the night and generally being exhausted (having a dodgey gut leaves me exhausted too, see below) therefore getting in enough rest is key. Get to bed slightly earlier or get a nap in is my best advice… if that’s not do able then just slowwww down  a little and stay away from the gym.

/ Do Some Gentle Exercise

Now this all depends on how you feel and your goals. A brisk walk can help those who want to get things flowing again and to feel like fresher where as a heavy weight session could help those wanting to make some use of the extra carbs. Personally I opted for some glute focused work and some gentle cardio to get things moving again but don’t force yourself. If your body is saying no a walk is perfect.

/ Look after your gut 

For me indulgence doesn’t come just in terms of alcohol but also foods that make my gut very unhappy… ooops. My recommendation is to stock up on good probiotics (i’ve heard fab things about optibac which I will be trying after my holland and barrett ones have finished) but also to get some digestive enzymes down you to help get things balanced again.

So that’s what i’m doing this week to help get myself back sorted after what some could describe as an extremely over indulgent weekend… oh an an over indulgent weekend with 0 guilt because I had way to much fun to regret a thaaaang! Here’s to getting back to tip top health and getting ready for my hollibobs!

lots of love as always xxx

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