5 Ways to Beat Summer Blues

Ahhhh Man! Maaaa G’sssss.. I’ve lost my head because summer is leaving. OR HAVE I?! Ok, im pretty sure it’s the coffee that is making me write this weird shiz, but lets all go with it yeah? Summer is over but your happiness my friends is NOT! Let’s beat summer blues and prevent SAD with these ways…

/ Embrace Winter

Ha, funny one ey but na I’m serious. Winter can actually be so much fun, winter walks leading to films in the fire or even heading out and trying out winter sports. It’s so easy to mop inside and moan but really just because the weather might be colder it doesn’t mean we cant do the things we did when the summer was better.. when half the time the weather probably wasn’t better! Bring summer to winter I say… I really want to have a winter BBQ.

/ Try Something New

Skiing and winter sports are a great choices but just anything new is a great way to distract yourself. Summer tends to be full of parties, get together and just generally doing things so try something new to help keep you busy. I’m still working out what I want to try but I really really want to learn to speak Spanish ready for next summer!

/ Book a Get Away

Have yourself something to look forward too, even if it’s just the weekend. Groupon have some great deals and I really recommend Berlin Xmas markets! It will allow us to not only associate summer with holidays, relaxing and fun. 

/ Set New Goals

New season, new goals. I always set up new goals at the end of summer. This season i’m going to try add some lean muscle and ensure i’m eating at maintenance calories because naturally I tend to eat in a caloric deficit but accident… oh & im also going to put loads of time into my Youtube.

/ Surround Yourself With Positivity

They say you’re only as good as those you surround yourself with, so opt for those with ambition and that are positive. Winter tends to be a toughy for most people but the last thing you need is someone making it harder for you.

I’d love to hear some of your own tips if you have any on how to get you through winter!

Love Chlo xxxx

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