My 6 Go to Snacks

I always always get asked what my clients can snack on or what is it that I snack on so what better place than to put them all in once place… on here!

/ Yoghurt Bowls With Toppings

I blooming love yoghurt bowls and I love even more playing around with topping. I shop loads in Holland & Barrett for a variety of topping. This bowl is total fage 0% with Diablo chocolate spread as well as Eat Natural Breakfast Granola.

 / Smoothie

Yummmm to protein smoothies! If you don’t know I’ve given up whey protein due to gut issues but I now use MissFits Nutrition vegan blends and love making protein smoothies. This one has chocolate flavour, peanut butter, almond milk and ice… topped with a sprinkle of chopped hazelnuts. 


/ Eggs 

Ok, so it’s no secret that I’m a massive egg head. Sorry to all the chickens but they are so bloody good. I normally go through phases with eggs, I had a long stint of scrambled eggs mixed with mushrooms and onion like the one above… if I was feeling wild I’d add bacon. However, at the moment I’m loving boiled eggs with ham and also poached eggs. Boiled eggs for on the go, kept in a Tupperware. WARNING: when Tupperware opened you’ll stink the surrounding environment out with the stench of egg… but hey, at least it tastes marvellous.

/ Energy Balls

Ohhh man, I just love making energy balls. So quick and easy to not only make but also to eat.. View my recipes here: 

Coconut & lemon (pictured)
Carrot Cake
Cookie dough (coming soon)

If you’re not one to make yourself… I’d recommend the Deliciously Ella balls….

image from @bounce_uk Instagram

/ Health Bars

& for even quicker snacks on the go, similar to the Deliciously Ella ones I love love love the following…..

(click to buy)

Bounce Ball / Eat Natural Bars / Perkier / Grenade bars (for those that can have whey) / Pulsin bars.

/ Nut Butter 

And lastly it’s the nut butter. Full of healthy fats and good protein these really are a great snack and what’s best is that my 2 fave brands do sachets of the nut butter so is perfect for on the go! Shop below…

Pip and nut. /             Mindful bites

Hopefully you’ve found some inspiration for snacks here… but I’d love to hear yours! Comment below your fave snack!

Love as always, Chlo xxxx 

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