4 Changes Im Making To My Health

It’s September and for some, including me, that means it’s time for new goals, new focus and time for reflection. It’s different for me this year, it’s quite scary actually, that this is the first ever year since I started school in reception that I haven’t gone back into education in the September. Im a big girl now but also a creature of habit so I love to start new things in September and I thought I would share them with you guys…

/ Stopping Tracking

Since January I’ve been tracking my calories and macros as a way of helping me understand the calories in food, the nutrients in food and also how much food I actually need for my body. I’ve now decided to stop tracking and living my life by a number and take the plunge to eat intuitively instead. Im actually really nervous about this one as it’s a big step but now it’s time to learn to listen to my body rather than let a number dictate it.

*Watch this video for how to get leaner* 

/ Gut First

Ahh this blooming gut of mine. It’s a nightmare but this winter I will be putting my gut first, filling my body with healthy nutrients, fibre and all things gut friendly. By gut friendly I mean going back to my food intolerance test and living by that, that means no dairy, peanuts, sunflower seeds, limited gluten, no yeast and no red grapes or carbonated drinks. I don’t mean none of these forever, but I am going to try have none for at least 2 weeks and then keep them at minimum because lets face it… who can give up Oppo ice-cream forever? Not me.

*Watch this video for bloating tips*

/ Practising Mindfulness

My body has been at the centre of my goals, whether its strength, feeling comfortable or getting abs. However, this winter my mindset is going to be another one of my focuses. I have achieved some great things this summer but I want to be able to achieve even more this winter and next year but I believe to achieve more we have to be in the right mindset… Que more visits to the shaman & more headspace.

*Watch this video for more* 

/ Training for Enjoyment not Body Composition

Like said above, my training I’ve always loved but it has primarily been for my body not my mind. Im going to ensure I train to my full enjoyment rather than what I need to do more of what I feel like doing! If I want to run.. I’m going to run, Yano.

I feel like you guys can see a very clear trend that I’m moving away from having the ideal body and more of having the ideal soul and life. I want to live a strong heathy life that is flexible and striving to be the happiest and healthiest I’ve been not the leanest and fittest. 
Here’s to the winter… what are you doing this winter?
Chlo xxxxx

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