Recipe: Low Carb, No Sugar Courgette Cake

Ahhhhh I know I know it doesn’t sound like it should work but I promise it does! Even my boyfriend (toughest critic) and his family enjoyed it… if you want to experiment, shock your friends with a green cake or just generally enjoy some low carb, no sugar cake… then this is for you.

Ingredients / 

/ 50g ground almonds
/ 75g coconut flour
/ 150g courgette
/ 35g butter
/ 2 egg
/ Vanilla essence
/ Sweetener 

Toppings / 

 These can be up to you… I used coconut and chopped hazelnuts.

1) Start by grating your courgette into a tea towel and ringing to get all the liquid out.
2) Add everything else into a mixture and mix until smooth… adding the courgette when properly ringed.
3) Pour into a loaf tin or tin of your choice, add your toppings and pop in the oven 180 fan for roughly 30 mins… or longer if not cooked.. the idea is it’s brown on top and clean when sticking a knife in, in the middle.

Please please let me know how you get on… as per usual my recipes are quick, simple and more of an experiment because cooking can be cheap, fun and exciting ok!!
Love Chlo xxx

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