Top 5 Tips for Buying Organic On a Budget

  1. Organic September is coming to an end but here are some tips for you guys on how to shop organic on a budget! It’s something my family are really trying to get into for both health and environment benefits… 

    / Shop in season 

    Buying organic fruit and vegetables when it’s in season gives you the best value for money. Organic fruit and vegetables has less pesticides and chemicals and also contains more key antioxidants. Eat seasonably ( does the hard work for you by listing all the fruits and veg that are best to eat right now.  

  1. / Try the basics 

    If you’re new to organic, milk is a great place to start because it gives you lots of benefits. Widely available and more value for money, organic milk has around 50% more beneficial omega 3 fatty acids, and secures a good return for British farmers.  

  1. / Stock up on organic essentials 

    Organic store cupboard essentials can be great value. Items like organic baked beans, pasta and canned tomatoes can often be found for the same price as the same non-organic items. 
  1. /Look for deals online 

    Bag a bargain on a variety of organic foods, as prices are slashed throughout Organic September. There are lots of discounts from big household brands this September. Find out more about offers and promotions on organic products in September  
  1. / Try a different cut of meat  

    Eating less, but better meat is good for our health and the planet. Trying lower cost organic cuts like shoulder or belly can make a big difference to your wallet – and they have more beneficial nutrients too. Pop into your local butcher for advice on cuts, or make a weekly roast which can provide a couple of meals. Find recipes at 
Clare McDermott from the Soil Association, the UK’s leading food and farming charity comments:  
“We want to make it easy for people to try organic this September whether at cooking home or in their local café or restaurant .  We’ve teamed up with lots of chefs to provide inspiration and show shoppers that organic doesn’t have to be expensive.  You can find it in your local supermarket as well as through box schemes and Farm shops. ”

When you shop organic look out for The Soil Association logo you can be sure what you buy has been produced to the very highest standards. It means fewer pesticides, no artificial additives or preservatives, it’s always free range, the highest standards of animal welfare and no GM ingredients. 
Visit the Soil Association website to find participating partners and to download the Get Started kit and the UK Organic Map which will highlight events and discounts across the UK. 

Do you guys shop organic?

Love Chlo xxx

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