Guest Post / What a Nutrition Student Eats in A Day….

Meet BitesbyBecs: 

”I am a true believer in balance – I eat as healthily as I possibly can; however like everyone else, some days are always going to be better than others. After all I am a student! If I am eating out, I always tend to go for the healthiest option on the menu; however, if I fancy a pizza that is what I will have! I am also a chocoholic with a huge sweet tooth so if someone opens a packet of chocolate or a tub of ice cream is opened it would be rude to say no!
As you can see in the example week below, I eat three main meals a day, as well as two or three snacks (again depending on if I am working out etc.). My main meals always include a protein source, a complex carbohydrate, some healthy fats and heaps of vegetables. My snacks tend to be high in protein and healthy fats to keep me full and provide me with enough energy. 
Hydration is so important so I take a water bottle everywhere I go, I try to drink 2-3 litres of water a day. I also start my day with a cup of tea, either peppermint or green tea and tend to have at least one more throughout the day.” 

Oats with berries, a handful of almonds and a teaspoon of flaxseed 
2 eggs scrambled, 2 corn thins and wilted spinach 
Oats mixed with protein powder, berries and almonds 
2 boiled eggs, 2 corn cakes and avocado 
Oats with berries, almonds and flaxseed
2 poached eggs on a slice of rye with avocado 
2 eggs scrambled with smoked salmon and a slice of rye
Homemade protein ball
2 boiled eggs and spinach 
2 egg omelette with spinach, tomatoes and courgette
Tuna, brown rice and mixed salad leaves 
Chicken, sweet potato, feta cheese and mixed greens
Tuna, brown rice and broccoli 
Chicken breast, lentils and mixed salad leaves 
Tuna salad with sweet potato 
Chicken salad with feta cheese and quinoa
2 corn thins with banana and peanut butter 
Berries and a handful of nuts 
Homemade protein ball
Homemade smoothie – frozen banana, peanut butter, protein powder and almond milk
A ‘Kind’ nut bar 
Homemade smoothie – berries, frozen banana, protein powder and almond milk
Grilled salmon fillet with stir fried greens and brown rice
Homemade turkey burgers with roasted sweet potato and salad
Stuffed peppers with quinoa, kidney beans, mixed vegetables
Pan fried sea bass with new potatoes and mixed green vegetables
Homemade wrap pizza with pesto, chicken, peppers, tomatoes and spinach 
Homemade chicken Pad Thai 
Chicken sausages, roasted vegetables (butternut squash, sweet potato, peppers, courgette) 
Greek yoghurt with 2 squares of 85% dark chocolate and berries 
Greek yoghurt and berries
Greek yoghurt and berries 
Ice cream 
Dark chocolate 

You can catch qualified PT and nutrition student, Becs at @bitesbybecs /

* you can buy Kind Bars featured in Bec’s diet below:

Hope you enjoyed seeing what other people eat, let me know if you did!

Love Chlo xxx 

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