Top Tips / Go Healthy On a Budget

Eating healthy and getting fit can be expensive, I get that. Joining a gym for £35 a month and suddenly buying fresh meat and loads of veg can take it toll on the bank, but there are 100% ways around what can be an expensive lifestyle change… so I thought I’d share my tips:

– Buy Frozen Veg & Fruit

Head straight to the frozen section as soon as you get in the supermarket, there are so so many varities of fruit and veg that you can get that are frozen now and like legit half the price! I picked up frozen berries, kiwi, pineapple and even kale and spinach down that isle in Morrisons last week. You’ll find it lasts loads longer too!

– Buy Different Varieties of Meat

Everyone always thinks we need to eat chicken breast chicken breast chicken breast, but we actually don’t at all. Chicken breast is actually one of the expensive parts of the chicken but you guys can enjoy the thighs which are so so much cheaper, now fat isnt bad at all, but just watch how much you have in one portion as it is higher in fat and therefore higher in cals.  Alternatively get hold of some turkey, it’s so lean and so cheap!

– Drink Tap Water

Tap water is fine to drink in the UK, so saves your pennies and help the environment by ditching the plastic bottled water. If you’re worried about hidden nasties in tap water i’d recommend buying a water filter… i’ve attached a cheap one for you guys below:

– Play with Spices

People often get bored of eating similar meals and reach for the more expensive stuff like cod etc to keep their health kick interesting. However, playing around with herbs and spices are a great way of mixing up meals to stop it getting boring! Bored of chicken breast and veg? Me too, so chuck it all in a pan add some curry and chill powder and some chopped tomatoes.. and you my friends have got yourself a chicken and veg curry!

– Use Your Home & Outdoors for Your Workout

You don’t need to join a gym to be fit and healthy, at home and outdoor workouts are just as amazing for you! Try this workout I filmed on my walk the other day:

– Plan your Meals

Instead of playing each day as it comes plan your meals to get the most out of your food. You may find you can cook some meat in bulk and therefore have enough for a few days. Planning will help any unnecessary spending.

– Make your Own

Ditch the health food bars and get yourself a blender and a kitchen. Making your own snacks is such a cheap way of staying healthy… try my energy ball recipes for inspiration, they are a great pick me up!

– High End Doesn’t Always Mean the Best

When it comes to gym clothing we are always swamped by Nike and Adidas or the incredible lines from sweaty Betty and Lululemon however high street retailers are doing an incredible job at the moment… i’m loving h&m, New Look and M&S’s lines this season!

Love Chlo xxxx

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