Guest Post / What a Plant-Based Health Coach Eat’s in a Day

Today’s Guest post – meet Jo Hodson founder of

As a health coach I would love to tell you I eat a perfect diet every single day, but that’s not always the case and I’ll openly admit it – excess snacking (mainly on my homemade treats) is my biggest downfall.

I eat a 100% plant based diet and free from processed foods and sugar as far as possible. I usually work from home and so my routines are very flexible… but because the kitchen is typically only a few steps away it mean I end up munching on homemade energy balls when I am not necessary hungry but procrastination has hit!
So here’s a typical day…
I wake up anywhere between 6am-8am and drink a pint of warm lemon water. Sometimes I also add fresh turmeric and ginger too, sometimes I’ll drink a small glass of homemade kombucha on the side.
I don’t typically eat breakfast early, previously I have had good results from intermittent fasting and even though I don’t currently follow this strictly I still enjoy starting my meals late morning. 
Sometimes I work out in the morning. If so, I nearly always do this in a fasted state. 

Breakfast / 
‘At around 10:30-11am I’ll eat a big bowl of porridge made with a base of grated carrot or courgette, oats, flax and hemp seeds and a dollop of nut butter to make it extra creamy. I’ll top this with berries or another fruit. Sometimes I stir through some raw cacao, medicinal mushroom powder or acai berry powder. 
Snacks / 
Snacking is a big thing for me (and easy to overdo!) …this is partly because I am often recipe testing for my blog or other companies. This usually happens throughout the afternoon and depending on my mindset or my daily activities, this will something like a chia pudding, green smoothie, homemade energy balls, a handful of granola, snack bars or some dark chocolate (or a bit of everything, ha ha!)
Dinner / 
If not in the morning, I’ll often workout in the evening so eat dinner when I get home, usually sometime between 7:30-8:30pm.  This will be something like a falafel salad, a buddha bowl, a mixed bean chilli or lentil Bolognese with courgette noodles. I often add some homemade sauerkraut on the side. I don’t specifically avoid gluten but I don’t eat it often.

I don’t always have dessert, but if I am in a nibbly mood then maybe another one of the ‘snacking’ options from earlier in the day will be on the cards.
Hydration / 
I drink approx. 3 ltrs of water and herbal teas each day. I have never enjoyed coffee so that has never been a temptation for me. Fizzy drinks or fruit juices don’t hold much appeal either.
Supplements / 
In terms of supplements I try to get a variety of wholefood colourful fruit and veg each day, but I do take Magnesium, Vitamin D and B12, plus a vegan omega capsule. 
I don’t track my macros or daily calorie intake and simply work on the basis of how I feel. I am quite active and don’t worry about my protein intake as a vegan as long as I add some protein rich plant foods to each meal. If I felt I needed an extra boost I would add some protein powder to my smoothie, but this is rare.
Bio and social media:
Jo is the health & mindset coach behind and creator of healthy treats. Her passion was born from a personal journey of nutrition being a gateway for creativity and a deeper connection with her innate sense of self and wellbeing, she now supports clients in stepping into their own best selves.

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