5 Ways to Get Protein Into Your Diet

Protein Smotein! It’s blooming everywhere isn’t it, saying we should eat more and chug shakes. It fact we only need around 0.8 per body weight in Kg, however I tend to go for 1.3g of protein per Kg of body weight. I think it’s really important to find out what works for you, if you’re a protein lover like me then great but if you’re not then 0.8 is definitely efficient. Depending on your goals will also depends on the amount of protein, if you’re active and training lots I’d recommend getting a bit more than 0.8 but that’s only on personal opinion! To help make things a little easier for you i’ve listed 5 ways you can get more Protein into your diet that are different to usual ‘eat meat!!!’… with even links to buy the products – coz I luv ya xx

/ Get Some Powder

Protein Powders are flooding the market at the moment. Below are my top ones:

If you can tolerate normal Whey – My Protein Vanilla 
If you’re Vegan – MissFits Nutrition
If you’re wanting a Cow alternative – NutriStrength Goats & Sheep Whey

/ Eat it With Every Meal

This is the easiest way to get more protein into your diet. Having it at every meal will give you a great daily overall! Eggs for breakie and a lean meat with lunch or dinner is a great way to do this!

/ Get Topping

You see this is such a sneaky way of getting more protein into our diets. Top Yoghurt or oat bowls with nuts, seeds or nut butter or jazz up your salad with extra seeds!

/ Snack on Nut Butter

Nuts are a great source of protein but nut butter takes things to a whole new level! I eat it on it’s own or add to apple or any yoghurt or oat bowl.. omg the opportunities are endless!


My favourites:
For The Smooth Ride – Mindful Bites
For The Nutella Lover – Pip & Nut Chocolate Hazenut Nut 
For The Big Lover – Pip & Nut Peanut Butter 1kg pot
For The Coconut Lover – Pip & Nut Coconut & Almond
For the Nut Butter Cooker – Pip & Nut Cook Book

/ Choose Plant Based Sources 

 Peas are a great source of protein – 1 love snacking on roasted ones – 9g per serving
 Compliment meals with Quinoa instead of rice – 8g per serving
Chia seeds – I add these to my oats or make my Chia Pudding – 4g per 2tbsp


where do you get your protein from?
Love chlo xxx


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