5 Ways To Increase Your Fat in Your Diet



Ahhhh Fats my absolute fave! Whether it’s a massive steak or i’m spooning nut butter out the jar fats really do make me happy. For some, they have to be monitored because at 9cals per 1g of fat they are easily overeaten without realising – but fat definitely has a place in our diet and should 100000% not be scared of! Fat is a great source of energy and plays a big role is absorbing nutrients… Here are 5 ways you could get fat into your diet…

/ Nuts & Seeds

Nut’s and seeds are rammed packed full of fats and also protein (See protein blog post). My favourites are snacking on almonds and walnuts or sprinkling my salad’s with seeds… or as i’ve said before, going crazy on nut & seed butter – click the words to buy my favourites!

/ Avocado & Eggs

I’m basically an egg, if you know me well enough i’m more than   partial to an egg… like every day! Although they are amazing fat     and protein source (see protein blog post again) pairing them with  avocado is a match made in heaven. Did you know? Research found that avocado’s helped improve bad cholesterol in overweight and obese people!

/ Oils

Flaxseed oil, hempseed oil, coconut oil and fish oil are among oils that research have found we should include in our diets. However, I love to dress my salads with extra virgin olive oil and love to cook coconut for that extra flavouring – TIP – try to stay away from vegetable oils as these can release toxins related to cancer.

/ Topping’s

My ultimate favourite way to get my fats in – SPRINKLE DATT STUFF. I top my yoghurt and oat bowls with all my favourite high fat toppings.


Desiccated coconut

Nut butter – For The Smooth Ride – Mindful Bites

                                             For The Crunch – Pip & Nut Crunchy Almond Butter

/ Meaty & Fishy

    & finally the one that most well known. We shouldn’t hide from fat at all chicken thighs and steak  have great fats in them to help assist our balanced diet! Don’t be scared to get fatty with meat just watch your portion control! Mackeral and Salmon are incredible fat sources providing vital omega 3’s!

What are your favourite healthy fat sources?
Love Chlo xxxx

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