5 Tips On Eating Carbs

Low carb, carb free, don’t eat carbs bla bla bla… what a load of rubbish! Carb’s are vital and used for energy in our bodies. We are however, a nation of over eaters when it comes to carbs – we need to watch the amount we eat and opt for high fibre carbs rather than simple sugars… here are my tips!

/ Go High Fibre

High fibre foods are amazing to keep things flowing, these help control your blood sugar levels that could be spiked while eating carbs – think wholegrain, fruit or veggies.

/ Bulk up your Veg

Veg is an amazing source of carbohydrate, with added micronutrients for vitamins and minerals and also added fibre these are essential in your diet. Plus you can eat LOADSSS with very very little calories unlike things like rice or pasta.


/ Watch your Sugar

Sugar is actually a carb, it’s a very simple carb and therefore should be monitored. It is released into the blood stream really quickly and if not used up can be stored as fat. Too much can lead to things like obesity, sugar crashes and diabetes – top tip – have any form of sugar including fruit with some form of fat or protein e.g apple and nut butter. The fat/protein will help slow down the sugar absorption helping keep hormones and sugar levels stable. (See protein blog & fat blog)

/ Go wholegrain

Wholegrain’s are the foods that tend to have not been played with as must as it’s mate the white stuff. Wholegrain’s have other benefits like fibre which will help keep you full and stable blood sugar.

/ Think as Fuel

Carb’s are mainly used for energy and therefore when eating we need to think of them as fuel. Do you need loads of fuel from this chocolate bar full of sugar at 9pm at night before bed? Probably not but you may need some sugar before running a marathon for example. I tend to keep my carbs around my workouts or first thing in the morning as that’s where I desperately need fuel.


How do you get your energy?
Love Chlo xx

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