5 Tips on Getting Your Micronutrients

/ Eat the Rainbow

Please don’t go chasing the rainbow when it next rains as I don’t mean literally. What I do mean is eat a variety of coloured veg and fruit because eat colour will provide you with a different micronutrient for your body!

/ Compliment fruit with a fat

Fat helps absorb the nutrients in food but will also help keep sugar levels normal. (See Fat Blog) e.g Apple with Nut Butter

/ Stay Hydrated

Hydration is key for our bodies to be working at optimum try drinking 2-3L of water a day. Top Tip – carry a big bottle around with you… the more you drink, the lighter it gets!

/ Supplements

If you’re worried about not getting all your micronutrients you can buy supplements like multivitamins to help your body – I use the ones from Holland & Barrett (full blog coming soon)

/ Keep a Varied Diet

  Keep your diet varied so your body doesn’t get used to what it’s eating. Our guts need a variety of bacteria which we will get from having a variety of foods so try not to eat things like yoghurt every single day as this could lead to an intolerance – i once heard a saying (sorry can’t remember who said it) of something like – ‘we aren’t what we eat, we are what our body can absorb’.

What are your favourite fruit and veg?

Love Chlo xxx

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