Top Tips / De-Stress

Christmas round the corner, a stressful time for many & our 8 week Fitmass plan in full swing where we are putting ourselves first I want to share with you guys my top tips on how to de-stress. From the simple to the costly… these could help you this winter:

Costing Nout:

/ Take 10 with Headspace
My favorite app to de-stress and get into my own mind. Headspace offer a 10 day free trial which teaches you the basics so i’d argue once you know the basics then you can meditate and be more mindful by yourself maybe – if you love it and purchase it pretend this app was under ‘on the cheap’ section.

/ Take 10 deep breaths
If an app doesn’t do it for you and you need something quicker. Take 10 deep breaths counting as you go, breathing in through your nose starting at your tummy and workout up. Breathe out slowly through  your mouth.. repeat and feel your shoulders relax more into your body.

/ Go for a walk
This isn’t done enough and is often swapped for a run but walking is said to help put the brain in a meditative state and helps boosts endorphins

On The Cheap:

/ Add Epsom Salts to your bath

Epsom Salts draw out impurities  and help relax the muscles.. mix that with a relaxing bath and you’re in stress free heaven. – Click here for the epsom salts that I use.

/ Adult Colouring book

A way of taking us back to our childhood but also to help switch the brain off – My favorite book you can buy here.

/ Practice Yoga

‘yeah but chloe you don’t even do this’.. ohhh i know and i wish i could find time to practice yoga properly. When I really get into it, im into it and come out all zen life. But you don’t need me to practice it to tell you in de stresses us… research does that for us!

Treat yo Self:

/ Spa Day

Treat yo self indeed… booking a spa day doesn’t even need the extra cost of treatments. Simply being in a relaxing environment with a swimming pool, sauna and steam could help us de stress – FYI leave your phone in the locker, the emails aren’t for the spa. 

/ Book a get away

There really is nothing like a holiday but laying around a pool in an all inclusive isn’t a must here. Just get away from your usual activity or simply book some days off work and sit around your home. Taking your mind away from it’s everyday stressful activities i’ve found is a great way to re charge

/ Get a Massage

This doesn’t have to be on a luxury spa day, you could do with a delightfully painful sports massage to get the tension out your muscles which in return could help relax and de stress.

Do you guys have any other ways of de-stressing? Comment below!
Love Chlo xxx

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