5 Ways To a Healthier Christmas

Stay Active / 
It’s as simple as that. You don’t have to go for hours at the gym a brisk walk is said to have more benefits such helping the brain, mediative qualities and great for digestion if you’re overindulging! My youtube has a lots of workouts that you guys can do anywhere but also you can follow my FREE 8 Week Workout Guide over xmas too!

Drink Clear / 
Now yes, part of me does mean stay hydrated with water but I get that aqua is probably not the only thing we will consume this Christmas – the clearer the alcohol tends to be lower in calories and helps with hangovers – swap espresso martinis for vodka, fresh lime and sofa – have a glass of water in between glasses for better hangover points.

Keep your Vitamins and Minerals High
Simply just eating veg and fruit will really help you guys but also eating your veg first is a great way of getting in your fibre before you fill up on starchy carbs. BUT if you’re not really a veggie eater you could supplementRead about what I take by clicking here and check out my favourite below:

Stay Mindful/
Here we simply just need to stay mindful of what we are doing and what we are eating. Sitting with a bag of nuts in front of a good film and then suddenly looking down and you’ve demolished the bag in 10 mins probably isn’t the most mindful way. Try to ask yourself before diving in to snacks do you need it? If you simply just want it can you use up the extra energy via activity? Struggle to stay mindful, my favourite ways are below… or Read – de-stressing.

Get Other People Involved /
Most people do use Christmas as a way to do 0 exercise and eat lots. If you’re someone that doesn’t want the Christmas habits to take over, try get your family all involved by doing activities all together that require movement or baking some treats that are are slightly healthier – Head to my Instagram for more recipes or get the family involved with doing my FREE 8 week workout plan! Another tip with other people is to tell people before they gift you that you are aiming for a healthy Christmas to limit your chocolate gifts – My favourite Healthy Chocolate gifts are below:

Check out my youtube channel for a full gift guide that i’m doing at the moment!
Love Chlo xxx


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