7 Ways To Stick To Your Health New Years Resolution in 2018

I’m actually a huge fan of the new years resolution things myself – especially this year because of some big changes that have happened in 2017. New years resolutions are said to often have failed by the end of Jan & when I walked into the gym at 7am this morning I wasn’t surprised when the gym was rammed – I just think it’s such a shame that most of these will drop off in just a few weeks… so to help reduce that, & if you’ve just joined my gym I really hope you stay, so here are my top tips on sticking to your healthy new years resolutions:

Plan /

This seems obvious but being organised and planning how you’re going to achieve this will be key. I love to sit down on a Sunday and try to plan my week. If it’s written down and planned then I’m more likely to achieve it. Try planning things like meals for the week, workouts for the week and even social events – because seeing friends is so important to maintain health, please don’t isolate yourself during your healthy 2018.

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Get social /

Being sociable leads me onto my next one which is to get friends involved. If you’re joining the gym grab a mate, even if it’s for healthy competition or just to make sure you get there, you don’t have to do it alone! Another way is join fitness classes, these are also a great way of getting to know people in the same boat as you – contact me via the contact form if you’re interested in the classes I do!


Invest /

When it comes to our health this is one we actually don’t invest much into but to ensure you’re doing it safely I would really recommend investing in a personal trainer/coach to help you along your way – again contact me if you’re interested!

Alternatively, you could invest in educating yourself – reading books for knowledge & Inspiration will really help your journey, i’ve listed my favourite ones below.

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A lot of people start a health and fitness journey to feel better but also to build more body confidence so while on your journey let’s make an investment to feel good while doing it. Invest in some good quality active wear to help you and to make cooking even more fun – good quality kitchen appliances.. or just funky ones!

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Measure /

This is my fave one! I love measuring how far i’ve come in terms of fitness because it’s where I can see such great progress, my favourite ones are:

  • press ups to failure
  • plank to failure
  • 5k run time (you could do 1mile/1.6k run time)

Then other measurements depending on your goals could be body measurements such as waist in inches. Body weight is fine if you’re considered as being quite over weight however, please note that how much you weigh isn’t the best way to measure progress – i’m the prime example of how body weight doesn’t mean a great deal – I was 60kg and a size 12 at 15 years old, i’m now 60kg size 8 at 21 years old.

I would recommend doing the fitness tests because it’s likely that the fitter you become, if your diet is managed too, the body composition will change without you focusing on it.

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Take on step at a time /

This is mega important & you can find me talking about this loads in my motivation tips video. Don’t go in all guns blazing because we actually don’t like change very much so try to change loads of things in your life & there is a more chance you’ll quit altogether. Make one small change each day or each week… e.g Go for a walk 2x a week to start with, then try 2x a week and a beginners HIIT session… etc.

Try my workouts here

Find your why /

It’s all too easy to say what we want to change but finding out why is what will make us stay at it. If your why is biggest enough then making that change will be so much easier… my favourite last year was when a client told me she wanted children that’s why she wanted to be fit & healthy & guess what? She’s now preg… I still get goosebumps talking about it now!

Reward yourself /

It might be something so simple like buy yourself a new dress or shoes or maybe a massage? I try to hit a spa as my reward for a) working hard B) Smashing my goals every few months… how i’m getting through Jan? Booked a Champneys! lol! Reward yourself for working your hardest towards your goals – you don’t always have to achieve your goals because life happens & we can learn why we haven’t, but reward yourself for your hard work to keep you motivated.

If you’re looking to make a new years resolution but stuck on ideas you can see my 2018 goals video here:

& shop the products i’m using to help me on my 2018 goals here:


Join me on self care month with these top tips:


I’d love to hear about your new years resolutions.. comment below.

Love & light Chlo xx



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