Reasons You Might Not Be Losing Fat


Feel like your constantly trying to shift fat? You’re probably not alone but i’ve been doing some research for you guys & here are the top reasons you might not be losing the fat that you’re wanting….

  • Estimating portions wrong

This is a huge one because although you may not be eating loads and loads. So many of us are really unaware about the portion sizes and calories can creep up without us realising. For example a table spoon of nut butter may not seem a lot but it could be 200 cals+, same with the amount of olive oil you drizzle on your salad to increase healthy fats. I would never ever say to cut out these foods or to opt for lower cal foods as they have so many benefits for the body but I really would recommend weighing out your foods & investing in some scales to keep portions reasonable.

Try this as a guideline:

Meat & protein: Palm Size

Starchy Carbs : Size of clenched fist

Green Veggies: 2 hand cups

Fats: Thumb

  • More common – not eating enough!

This is actually one that so many ladies come to me with. Serial dieters suffer from this because we are constantly told from the media to eat less & move more. However, the issue is that this often leads to us undereating drastically what our body needs so instead of losing fat our body with stop losing the fat to survive & stop cell growth from this like hair, nails and giving us lovely skin. I recommend getting a professional to help you work out the amount of food you should be eating – holla if you need some help!

  • You’re Way too stressed

Increased levels of cortisol (stress hormone) is said to lead to weight gain while more research suggests that those who have less than 6 hours sleep at have higher levels of grehlin the hormone that stimulates hunger! If you’re feeling quite stressed I recommend a bath, turning your phone off & getting some early shut eye – not possible? Try practising some yoga or going for a walk instead of your usual weights/HIIT session.

  • Don’t Eat Enough protein

Protein is not only the building blocks of our muscles but can help speed up metabolism and keep us fuller for longer. Try going for 1-1.3g of protein per kg of body weight & if you’re really active increase it more. Guidelines suggest 30% of your diet to become from protein.

  • Relying on Gym sessions

Staying active through out the day is so important to help calorie burn, it will be less strain on your body & will go nicely with your high intensity workouts. Don’t rely just on that hour in the gym, get up from your desk as much as you can to get some steps in. I recommend investing in a Fitbit or similar to keep your steps up![amazon_link asins=’B019VM3CPW,B06X9K4V7Y,B01LW2TH3Y’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’hlohodgkinson-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’0d68e437-f9ee-11e7-aa3b-a5be7356686b’]



Do you have any tips?

Love Chlo xxx

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