5 Things I learnt in Jan

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Im not invincible /

Ha this is a funny one, but it’s true. During Jan my gut flared up & my central nervious system kinda gave up in the first few weeks. I quickly jumped straight back into work and was working long hours & opting for quick easy foods which weren’t welcomed by my gut! I had to actively take some time to myself to work out exactly what I wanted.

My health means more to be than I first realised /

Jan I spent a lot of the time trying to juggle with being a ‘fun 21 year old’ & with what’s important to me. I drank over my birthday & ate some foods that irritated me but I can hand on heart tell you guys now there is nothing better than when you feel good in yourself and for me, I feel good when i’m at my healthiest. We think because 90% of the time I am so healthy that when I give myself something not-so-healthy that my body struggles to cope with it – feb goal? Health first, social expectations last.

Self Care is tough but important /

It’s actually really tough to put self care as a front priority especially when life is so busy. I sometimes found myself stressing about fitting in my bath for christ sake! haha.

I absorb other peoples energy /

My biggest one is that I often let how other people feel dictate how I feel. To reduce this I am starting to practise more mindfulness and working on my chakras – lol im turning all hippie. My biggest chakra blockage tends to be my heart and that’s for a variety of reasons but it means I find it difficult to let people in… so this feb i’ll be working on keeping love.

I’ve achieved so much while I was 21 /

Jan alone I had so many opportunities and while some were extremely overwhelming, it did mean I was able to reflect on what I have achieved the past year. On my birthday at the end of the month I looked back over the year & suddenly had an overwhelming shock and gratitude flood through me… here are just some:

  • I became stronger as a person than ever before
  • I was able to stick to promises I had made myself
  • I graduated with 1st class degree while training to be a person trainer
  • I’ve booked to see the world
  • I’ve started my own business & it’s growing…


What did you learn in jan?

Chlo xxx

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