For a healthier Valentine’s


Chocolate, flowers, teddy’s and a whole tonne of cringe in my opinion. I’m not one to really enjoy Valentines, it was never something that was ‘celebrated’ in my last relationship but i’ve noticed over the years it has actually got bigger.

What used to be just a card & flowers for some, the retail industry are bringing out so many valentine’s gift ideas – so i’ve done that if your lover is into health & fitness… Here are my top picks:

Mix Things up  /


The Promixxer, In pink obv. But seriously, I love my promoixxer. When I was originally gifted my one to try out I was sceptical but having vegan protein which tends to be more bitty this mixer is a life saver when it comes to helping blend up my protein shakes.

These guys also have a valentines sale of 30% off all mixers.

Plant’s with benefits /


Sack off the roses & opt for something like a Peace Lily. Peace Lily have added benefits like air cleansing and will tend to last longer than cut off roses.

Indulge with intent /

Hotel Chocolat will probably always be featured in my posts because they are my fave. However, bias aside, offering vegan chocolate and high cacao chocolate is perfect for a healthier alternative to your milk chocolate sugary hearts from down your local.

Energise your Jewels /


lol, I laughed at that one. Thinking of jewellery for a loved one this valentines why not opt for chakra jewellery? Chakras are your energy systems and currently typing this while wearing my heart chakra bracelet reminds me to keep loving.


Who are you buying for this Valentines?

Chlo xxx






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