8 Thing I learnt Since I Decided to Live My Best Life

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Making changes is bloody hard, I’m waiting to meet someone that genuinely loves change because it can be really scary. In the past few months alone I feel like I’ve learnt so much about myself, my mindset and the energy around me – from reading to visiting my shaman or chats to my step dad or  even situations with friends that I’ve been in and while sat on a plane reflecting on it, I really want to share with you what I’ve learnt and hopefully you can take something from it.

1) I’m the only person that has to live this life.

Every decision I make is mine. I chose whether I go left or right, love or hate, say yes or no and that’s my biggest power. It took me years to realise that I shape my own destiny, my choices are mine and nothing is for definite if I don’t want it to be. I have the right & the opportunity to change anything I’m not happy with. We don’t have to just settle.

2) I create my own opportunities.

I found myself looking at successful people thinking ‘ ah right place, right time’ or ‘how do they do that?’

I was lucky in that I found my industry and what I loved while at uni, I started working and didn’t really have to worry about the money, again very grateful and lucky that I was in that position.

I loved what I did but I wasn’t where I wanted to be. I had no clue where on earth I actually wanted to be either.

I kept going for just under a year and suddenly a job position came to me. It’s only been 2 weeks into my new job as a producer but I swear to god I actually thought someone was pranking me and pinched myself when I realised I got paid to do the work that i’m doing.

I don’t want this to be a post of bragging about how happy I am or a reflection that I haven’t been happy – I’ve always been happy, I’ve just learnt a lot recently.

My aim for this post is be sharing with you what I have learnt and any tips… so,

enjoy the ride and enjoy the journey of grafting even more…

oh & be careful what you say on social media, you never know who’s watching

(it’s more of less how I got my job)

3) I can find an opportunity in every situation.

If something goes wrong, there is always an opportunity lying around there somewhere.

Whether it’s something I’ve learnt or something I’ve got to do, it’s still an opportunity. In a shit situation, I now TRY looking for the lesson that could be learned from it, trying to take something from every situation – every cloud & all that.

I’m trying to use it to learn something more about myself.

e.g you ate an olive when ordering a mediterranean platter, hated it – lesson? Ask for it without olives next time.

Ok na that’s a silly example but do you see my point? I hope so – I’m trying not to give too many examples because I’ll end up making them way to personal….lololololol. Must.remember.anyone.can.read.this. lol. FYI I love olives. & I’ll eat yours too.

4) Sometimes I’ve got to take a step back before I go forward.

Some would say I actually had it all, relationship, very good job, money, family and friends yet when you spoke to me I was exhausted, not that interested in anything outside of my bubble, miserable and not because of anything in particular.

In the past few months I’ve made some huge changes, and as much as I’ve always loved my life, it’s clear now that making the changes was right for me. It took me a long time to take a step back and look at it from the outside.

Personal Training wasn’t my initial career choice, I knew I wanted to help people but one to one training limits how many people I can reach. I need more, I just wasn’t entirely sure what the more was.

I felt trapped and ‘ordinary’ on a path some would say ‘i should be on’ and for someone like me that lives a little dream in their heads most of the time, often, to move forward you have to let go of the past…

then my new job opportunity came around.

5) Your vibe attracts your tribe, but you still have to be careful who you let pass the initiation.

If you’re a regular watcher/reader of me you’d know I’m massively into energy whether it’s chakras or simply mindset. I am a huge believer that your vibe does attract your tribe as well as your opportunities (see para above if you’re a skimmer).

I try to Give off good energy by working on myself and my own mindset and  I’ve found that better energy comes with it….

But I’d still assess any situation, sometimes I confuse people with having good energy when actually they are energy demons (suck your energy out of you).

Your good energy may attract people but try to make sure you’re investing your time in people with similar or better energy than you – stay mindful of who you let in your energy circles… oh my god y am I such a hippie.

6) Kill them with kindness

When things get tough or our egos bruised it’s often a lot easier to turn the hurt into hatred.

I’ve actually found that forgiveness works a whole lot better

– it’s nothing to do with them but more for ourselves. When I am able to forgive those that had maybe done wrong suddenly my whole mindset shifts and it’s a bit like nothing is holding me down anymore.

At times where I’ve put people down just to make myself feel better it learnt that it doesn’t actually work, it tends to weigh me down more as I’m focused on what I don’t like rather than what I love.

So if you’re reading this and you’ve ever upset me or done wrong, I honestly forgive you, wish you all the best & I hope if I’ve ever done you wrong, you can forgive me too.

7) Gratitude is key

Jesus sweet Mary. This is something my stepdad over the years has tried to cover with me but I ‘hadn’t been ready’. I never knew what he meant by this until I was in fact ready. He told me to say things I was grateful for, I tried it – didn’t get it, left it.

What I’ve found is if we can be truly truly grateful you can’t help but smile.

It doesn’t have to be massive, it could be something like right now ‘im grateful for the fact I’m have my fingers to type away to share what’ve learnt’ or it could be bigger like ‘im so grateful that I have the most supportive friends and family I could ever imagine’.

I get it, this sounds so pretentious and lardy farty but please just try to say 3 things you’re grateful for each day, just to yourself or write them down – keep going and then try not to smile.

Here’s mine today:

1) I’m grateful to my family and friends for supporting me in every opportunity and crazy idea, thought or thing I’ve ever had – shout out to Chloe United (if you know, you know, you know?)

2) I’m grateful to Pro:Direct for taking a chance on me to be their producer for their new launch – I feel stupidly honoured – especially to Jonny for approaching me about it, ya ledge, I owe ya a pint. Or 5.

3) I’m grateful to social media for giving me the opportunities I have been given recently – special shout out to Instagram ma main boy, peace n love.

8) Not everyone is out to prank you

Ha lol. This comes down to the mindset part that still needs a bit of work. If you haven’t read into it before then I strongly recommend looking into ‘Growth and Fixed mindset’.

(my stepdad will probably ask me to tell you to please don’t confuse this with positivity and negativity, it’s actually ok not feel positive while having a growth mindset.)

  – or just contact mark and get him to give you a brief.

To sum up quickly a growth mindset is where you believe your talents are not fixed, you can grow as a person e.g ‘No one in my family has made it in football, but I will graft and believe I can’… A fixed mindset is ‘No one in my family has ever been good at football, so I’m not.’ *apologies for the football references, please go with it).

The past few months I can honestly say have been amazing, I feel like I’m in a bubble of happiness and growth yet I still regularly have moments where I think it could all come crashing down or someone is in fact pranking me and I’ll wake up from this dream in a moment

Mark spoke to me saying that this is signs of a fixed mindset where I’m not believing I deserve these opportunities. I’ll let you know on any developments for this one.


This blog post was 1000% not intentional to be bragging about how happy I am right now or implying I used to be unhappy – I certainly wasn’t unhappy, I just had grown. I feel in the past few months my head space and myself as a person has grown so much and I started all this social media shiz to share with you guys everything I learn on my way and this is something I just had to share.

I really am living my best life & hope these things I’ve learnt can help you live yours too.

Life iz gd.

Chlo x

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