Healthy Hacks for the Office

arnel-hasanovic-375269-unsplash.jpgOne of my most asked questions is how i’m coping from going from a full time personal trainer to a full time office worker. I’m hoping to film a full vlog for this but I thought i’d share with you some healthy hacks…

/ Get walking on your lunch break

I was used to being on my feet all day everyday and although it’s nice to sit down now I do get itchy feet… so I head out at lunch to help clear my head & get my movement up for the day.

/ Stay hydrated

This is the one hack I’m actually loving – i’ve started using a smaller water bottle and i leave the top off it so i can easily swig at it. From having a smaller bottle it encourages me to get up from my desk to fill it up. The smaller bottle also makes it easier to carry to and from the office and is a lot better for the environment and my health from carrying an Evian or a big 2l one around and then changing it every few days.

I’m loving this BPA free one Ion8 Leak Proof bottle from amazon. This one is designed for your workouts too so ideal if you’re a gym head like me!


If you’re more of the bottled water type person or prefer the whole filtered shizzz… you can get the purest of water with the ZeroWater 7-cup which combines 5 technologies that work together to remove virtually all dissolved solids from your water and removes 99% of all fluoride from the water.


Buy yours here

/ Be prepared

When you get in from work it may be tempting to just sit on the sofa, but preparing yourself for the next day will make the next morning so much easier. I pack my gym bag and sort out all of my food so when I get to office i’m not left unprepared and then having to go to the vending machine.

/ Gym in the morning

I dunno about you but my office gets so bloody hot in the afternoon that by 5:30pm im exhausted. I tend to have clients in the evening sometimes so getting my workout done in the morning means it’s out the way and I dont have to worry about it.

/ Pack ya snacks

I’ve become a right snacker at my desk so I opt for lower impact foods (less calories) like making a mix of bran sticks / berries / granola or having things like veggie sticks to snack on.

I hope these help! Will update you when i’ve found some more I can share with you!


Chlo xx



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