Project Become Good at Shit


How I prep for ‘Project Become Good at Shit’

If you follow me on Insta you may have seen im currently going through project become good at shit. To put it simply, Im now training to become better at things, that includes speed and strength.


Here’s a few things I mean:


  • Ran another half marathon, I did this as Penelope Pitstop
  • Learn to do a handstand, pending without a wall
  • Learn to do more calisthenics moves, pending…
  • Increase speed, achieved through plyometric work


& I get so many questions asking me how im doing this, so here goes:


  • I got a personal trainer, to become good at something you need to learn from someone that’s a master… enter Adonis my new PT


  • I’m eating more & focusing more on my nutrition, think increased cals due to an increase demand for my body


  • I supplement, im still trying to get my period back so magnesium, Maca & pro-biotics are a must.



  • I’m using more sports nutrition products – think Whey Box vegan protein, electrolytes & hydro-melon to help me on long distance runs or really intense sessions.



  • My sleep is more important than ever, below 7 hours and don’t speak to me


  • My pip and nut obsession has gotten a bit out of hand, im averaging on 60g a day… is that weird? Have you see their new flavour?


  • Im attempting to find more balance & listening to my body – I only train max 5 days a week with 2 complete rest days now where I literally do nothing. Probably hungover.




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