Why I Lost My Period – #ProjectP

periodquote1.pngAhhh the dreaded thing that comes round every month. That thing every girl dreads (and often boyfriend ha). The thing the causes nothing my stress and havoc. That thing that I wanted more than ever.

It was a running joke with my friends that I was probably one of the very few desperate to have a period. I was so desperate in fact that I started #ProjectP on my Instagram, a way of documenting my journey and actually talking about it.

You see, what you guys may not know is having a period is actually really really bad for a female. A humans roll is to reproduce, a female’s roll is to give birth, if you aren’t on any contraception and you’re not having a period it means your body isn’t healthy enough for you to do your primary job as a human. It means your body isn’t healthy enough to allow you to have children. Your body will stop you having periods and stop your ability to have kids in order to keep you alive. Savage.

Or is it? Some may be buzzing about not having a period and not having kids but not having a period genuinely suggests that there is some serious issues going on inside us. Not having a period can destroy our hormones, weaken our bones and even increase your rick of cancer… now that’s savage.

Anyway, so I lost it. I was diagnosed with secondary amenorrhea.  We don’t quite know when it went because I was on the mini pill where It stopped me having a period all together – my doc predicts from my previous years of training and then eating habits that it could have been some time. When looking back and looking at my behaviour and actions, I think I could have lost it in my first year of uni, about 4 years a go maybe.

I think I went through a period lol pardon the pun of changing my pill quite a bit last year (I wont go into why I was changing it, I’ll save it for another post in this series) and my doc thinks that constant change in hormones wouldn’t have helped anything.

I came off the pill in December after a break up and deciding a) I no longer needed it (lol soz mum n dad) b) I had been on it since I was 15 and was sick of putting artificial hormones in my body c) I went through a stage of independent woman, don’t need no artificial hormones paha… anyway, it never came back. Until last week.

There are a few things you may not know about me.. like for example I’m really into healthy eating and training. Lol, I hate myself too. Anyway here are few reasons about why I think I lost my period – we don’t know the exact answer as it came back without any tests from the doctor until recently but from reading books like No Period, Now What? And spending my evenings researching amenorrhea here’s why:


  • I was constantly stressed – I was always on the go, never stopped.
  • I was constantly caffeine-d up – I’ll take a black first thing, an almond milk capp after the gym… oh and one mid afternoon plz.
  • I under ate – I went through a time of eating 1000 calories which is when I think I lost it, I then upped it to eating about 2000 calories, but with how active I was and how much muscle I have… it still wasn’t enough.
  • I over trained – 7 days a week of HIIT. Doh.
  • I avoided starchy carbs – Carbs were the only thing that made me fat.. lol doh. (not true FYI)
  • I never rested … lol doh.
  • I didn’t eat much fat – always been a fan of nut butter, but that’s kinda it.


All of these were contributing factors and basically the ideal recipe your body needs to lose a period.

I’m so excited to share this #ProjectP series with you guys and hope it gives you some info about the importance of your monthly cycle as well as helping you maintain real health on your fitness journey.

Chlo xxx

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