Signs My Lack of Period Was More Than Just Coming Off The Pill – #ProjectP


The contraceptive pill, or in fact any contraception can be used for a variety of reasons. The main one obviously being contraception but many go on it to regulate periods, sort hormonal acne, mood swings, PMS etc etc.

I was on it primarily for contraception and changed my pill a few times in to sort my moods (only to find out later that the pill had nothing to do with this ‘down-ness’). When I came off the pill and I started waiting for my period… and waiting… and waiting some more. It inspired me to research into why it was taking so long, I spent my evenings knee deep in websites all about periods and contraceptive pills and while it’s normal for you body to take a while to regulate it should normally regulate by 3 months. Mine didn’t.

I came across hypothalamic amenorrhea. A condition where your period stops due to an issue involving the hypothalamus. Basically, it’s where your periods stop due to your hormone levels… leading to even deeper research about the female hormones – we are bloody more complicated than men even claim we are btw.

I started looking at how your hormones can become imbalanced and therefore lead to a lack of period… everything I list in this blog post here… are big causes of imbalanced hormones.

I then started to look at the symptoms of hypothalamic Amenorrhea….

  • Low libido – yep.
  • Feeling cold often – cor, yessss.. 5 jumps & a scarf.
  • Depression and anxiety – Not so much depression, but was down and v.anxious
  • Difficulty sleeping – 2pm, 3pm, 4pm wees.
  • Increased hunger – I snacked constantly.
  • Low energy – I napped every day before my evening clients.

What scared me the most reading this was finding out that when you’re on the pill, you don’t actually have a period – you have a fake period. Basically when you have a break from your pills your body has a period, this doesn’t mean your body can still have a period by itself. This is also why doctors will put you on the pill ‘to bring back your period’, if you’re suffering from amenorrhea, research really does support to stay off and look at your lifestyle instead.

When reflecting, I had all of the above symptoms for about 2/3 years finally giving them all a boot around May this year. I can now say I don’t suffer from any of the above unless i’ve had a heavy weekend on the Vodka (alcohol anxiousness & rubbish sleep / energy … but all my own fault) No longer is this day in, day out.

I’ll be writing in my next blog post exactly how I got my period back and balanced my hormones again!

stay safe

Chlo xxx


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