Things Australia Taught Me

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I guess it’s that time again. I’m on a long haul flight home after my second most incredible trip this year.

I have to say I think this trip may have taken the title for best trip I’ve ever had which after Thailand I didn’t think was going to happen – although I will argue that each trip was the best for very different reasons. Thailand, I was able to put lots to be bed and find out who I was, while this trip I was able to grow even more and work out even deeper who I was.

On every trip I go deep into my thoughts and my visions because often at home I struggle to find the time too.

I often spend a lot of time focused on my future, where I want to be and where I want to go/what’s next for me – I love doing this as it really motivates me for when I’m home. I originally came out to Aus to explore the health and fitness industry and let me tell you – I very much did that! I’ve eaten incredible food, been on amazing runs and completely fallen in love with the place & the Aussie lifestyle… I now have some really exciting ideas in mind of what I want to achieve now and what parts of their amazing lifestyle I want to bring back with me. Examples: more plant based eating, exercising outside, early mornings.

Coming out to Australia made me realise that at the start of summer I was basically living this lifestyle so it’s inspired me to get back to that kind of life… I’m not that much of a party girl, don’t get me wrong when I party – I can… but I’m really sensitive and it takes a lot for me to recover. It effects me in more ways than one & It’s not really something I want to have in my life.

I’ve learnt a few things this trip, things like I ACTUALLY AM GOOD WITH DIRECTIONS! And I’m really good at taking control when I need too.

In the past I’ve been told I’ve been awful with directions and I’m ‘ditsy’ and although the ditsy part may be true in some aspects I’ve actually really surprised myself that my sense of direction was sick (Ask Kate if you don’t believe me)… btw this goes for driving too if any of my family are reading this! I’ve been told that I’m quite a good driver actually! but this has nothing to do with Australia because this dosey cow left her driving licence at home – did I mention I’m not actually ditsy? haaaa.

I’ve learnt I’m actually so up for an adventure and I’m a bit of a Dora the Explorer. I want to explore culture and I have a sense of urgency to make sure I see everything in the short amount of time I was there. I love to explore and was researching every place we went too about what we needed to see. I was conscious of the fact that we were only there for a few days so I just had to make sure I saw everything – partly because everyone we met told us 3 weeks wasn’t long enough… WELL WE SHOWED THEM!… btw did I mention I’m not competitive?

ok… yeah I’m totally competitive. I wanted to do every walk and every run I went on I wanted to do it faster than the day before. I had so much get up and go that I definitely didn’t stop even when my body told me too. This is something I’ve always struggled with, I can often tune out of my body and just keep going and although this is sometimes beneficial I learnt that my energy levels don’t gradually decrease when I’m not listening to me body, they jump… I’m really really good and then bam I’m dead.

Australia found my love for moving my body and eating nourishing foods without the need for calorie counting, calorie burning or focus around protein. I fell back in love with the fresh air runs and how good fresh food makes me feel.

I read 3 (on my 4th) amazing books and they took me to some dark places. It made me realise that I had suffered from a potential eating disorder and that my obsession with exercise was definitely worse that I first thought. I read ‘Body Positive Power’ by Megan Crabbe and Mel wells’ book The Goddess Revolution and it really opened my eyes to the culture I had been swamped with for the past few years. That culture being diet culture. I want to save the details for a few more posts but one big thing I’ve done this trip is make the decision to step away from 1-2-1 personal training at Winners.

I want to be able to help as many people as possible to feel the energy and the feel good feelings I get when I move my body and eat well. I want people to have a happy mindset that they are able to go and live their life with the greatest fulfilment.

That they are able to use their strong body and healthy insides to achieve everything they want to achieve. I realised it was my time to step away from helping people change their bodies for aesthetics. It doesn’t sit right with me people coming to see me to lose a couple inches because ‘that’s when they will love themselves’.

Self love comes from the inside, people are so much more than how they look and I felt I was contributing to the diet culture that ruined my mental health and gave me obsessions that I’ve had to work so hard to get out of.

It definitely doesn’t mean I’m turning my back on the industry – defo defo not! I’ve been working on a few things over the past few months and this has just given me the motivation I needed to really push through for those ideas to happen. I want to reach more of you and help more females find empowerment and love for having a healthy and strong body. I want young girls to grow up realising their worth and their abilities when they are strong and healthy – both body and mind. So please bare with me, but I am currently working n creating.

#ProjectBecomeGoodAtShit will definitely come back now I’m home – to me that’s why I move my body, I want to become good at stuff instead of chasing that ideal body I did for so many years when I was younger.

#ProjectHealthyAdventurer, my latest project is going to be in full swing with more things booked in and more opportunities coming my way – the best place to see this is probably my instagram @chlohodgkinson … but I might use it as an opportunity to get back vlogging on youtube if enough people are interested.

A big thing for me this trip was my connection to the universe. This may freak some people out so if you’re not into spirituality maybe skip this bit? haha.

I’ve felt a real connection with who I am and a real guidance on what I’m meant to be doing in this world. I realised I’m a lot more hippie and spiritual than I first thought and I love it! I saw Treena in Sydney- the lady I sat next to on my flight home from Thailand. A psychic and life coach who gave me a reading and guidance on my life. I feel I have a bit of a calling to make a change to society when it comes to health and fitness and just to freak you all out – I now take a gypsy juice every morning and every evening – basically flower essences that will help me. – did I mention I’m a proper hippie nutter? haaalp.

Australia has also made me realise that I’m a worrier. If everything is going well, I’ll try to find something that isn’t and will focus my energy on that. Treena has helped me see different perceptions on this and this is something I really want to focus on.

Australia made me realise I love affection but often struggle to give it, I’ve realised I’m a big kid that loves any type of game and I also like things to be black and white. I’m not good when there isn’t a definite answer. I’m not a big fan of the grey areas in life which often means I’m an all or nothing person … must keep working on that ‘balance’ shit.

Australia made me realise a complete different perspective on previous experiences. Ones that I had once viewed as completely negative I no longer did. This isn’t the platform to share that as it’s a bit too personal but this hit hard. You know when you see something completely differently & that’s really really hard to deal with – I try not to be a ‘what if’ person, but I have to be honest I’ve thought that a lot this trip.

I learnt I’m a bit of a people pleaser and am often happy to forget about myself and my own likes & dislikes to keep others happy – as much as I love to give, I’m going home ready to stay align with my true self.

I’ve learnt I’m no longer scared of snakes, reptiles, the sea or storms. I learnt that finding vegan places to eat even in Aus is bloody hard. I learnt that walking 25000+steps hurts my hips. I learnt that yoga is the answer to most things. But most of all I learnt that you can be complete opposites to someone yet have the deepest connection too.

Kate, If you read this, thank you. Thank you for the very very best trip and one I will never forget. Thank you for the matching tattoo and thank you for being so understanding when I need some alone time (I recharge by myself, I’m what I would describe as a extroverted introvert). Thank you for opening my eyes to vegan food and for answering all my questions when I’ve challenged you about it. Thank you for being the polar opposite to me and open my eyes to whole a new different perception. Thank you for listening to my stories about mindset and most of all thank you for accepting a spot of spirituality. Thank you for skipping through Sydney CBD when I asked you too, for the deep chats… oh and for hugging that tree when I told you too. Thanks for the laughs, the energy dips and the energy rises, the good food and the adventures but most of all, thanks for being you.

Another trip down, a lot learnt & even more memories created- now for the home stretch and here’s what I’ve got planned:

  • Fit will go live!
  • Focus on myself, my goals and my happiness
  • Yoga will become a weekly thing
  • Reading will become a daily thing
  • I’ll get back running
  • I’ll work on keep my energy levels high
  • I’ll accept emotions rather than suppress them
  • I’ll come off my phone when I’m with my family and friends
  • More adventures to come & I’ll treasure every moment.

Australia you were an absolute blast – thank you, thank you, thank you. Until next time xxxx

I’m in the process of writing the healthy guide to Australia so bare with me.

*My aim is to revisit this in a few months to reflect on this – Feb 2019.


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