#ProjectHealthyAdventurer – The Spa You Need To Visit – Beyond Escapes UK


So if you don’t know by now I’m working incredibly hard on 2 projects… #ProjectBecomeGoodAtShit and #ProjectHealthyAdventurer and I guess you could argue that the following hits both of these projects kinda well.

Last Thursday I was invited to head down to Beyond Escapes near Totnes to experience the BE Relaxed package at their BE You Spa and Gym. Now, they weren’t lying when they call it relax – having been back in the UK for less than 48hrs and jet lag hitting me hard, this kind of evening was exactly what I needed. I’m attempting to become more relaxed (#ProjectBecomeGoodAtShit) and I’m wanting to do as much exploring as possible (#ProjectHealthyAdventurer.)

We were welcomed by a stunning old building next to a beautiful modern spa, both complimenting each other and the countryside setting. We were taken down to the spa and greeted with robes, slippers and that clean, fresh spa smell – yano the type that relaxes you just by breathing?


I wanted to experience everything at Beyond Escapes, so much to mum’s disappointment I took her, myself and my new Daisy & Co. outfit into their gym that looked out across the incredible views of the countryside and onto the sea. The gym was cosy and had everything you needed for a good circuit workout. A quick sweat and mum and I were both ready to chill.. I mean I do have jet lag after all.

We were so lucky with the gorg autumn weather because we slipped into the hydropool. Did you know that these types of pools help reduce muscle pain and tightness, and help relieve stress while boosting the immune system?


Anyway…. we chatted about my trip to Australia and my future plans. If you know me, I’m someone that loves to be working on something, heading towards something and I love to be focused. So we chatted and laughed until mum decided it was time to steam and sauna.

 The sauna and steam rooms has my skin in a little tizz of excitement. Australia and the flights made me have really bad blocked pores, especially hormonal ones so a good 10 mins each and we were hot, sweaty and very smug about how nice this will make our skin. I’m going to try make steam and saunas a more regular thing. 6pm came and we headed upstairs for our Lava Shells Relax Massage and sweet Jesus, I’m 90% sure mum and I got put into a coma.

Now, I´m quite the serial massage receiver (if that’s even a thing) and I’ve been through my fair share of being beaten up, tickled and a few have actually been OK – much to the girls’ amusement when we were chatting after the massage. These hot shells were used across my body sending me into deep relaxation and my mum snoring… although she will prob deny this. The girls went on to explain how the shells promote circulation and the importance of getting enough water because it flushes out toxins – exactly what I needed post flight.

The package also came with £10 off any Elemis product, I purchased the lavender toner – a spray that is good for hydrating the skin and great for breakouts too. Along with the steam room this brought out all of my blocked pores and my skin is clearing up amazingly. It feels so nice on my skin and that lavender smell is unreal.


Heading back to the gorgeous changing rooms we went upstairs for dinner in the BE Tempted Restaurant. It was quiet and extremely personal, the staff were genuinely lush and the salmon dinner I had? Even better. With this package you get a 2 course meal and as I´m more of a starter and main girl, I went for the calamari and salmon… I was so so full but they couldn’t let us leave until we had at least tried the brownie. I was like huh? As they brought out the sample size… as I took a bite I knew exactly what they meant, it was absolutely gorgeous and I wish I was joking but I think next time I go I´m going to have to pay the extra and attempt all 3 courses…. Man vs food coming up. They change their menus seasonally and often have specials too, like the World Vegan Day menu which will be available from 1st– 7thNovember.

Like I said I was lucky enough to be invited to this experience but this was genuinely one of the best spa experiences I ever had and genuinely can´t wait to head back. I’m really interested in trying their other packages, like the morning or afternoon one… You can see what they have on offer here.

They currently have some Mani-Mondays offers and also their Friday Facial which you can see more of here too.

If you want to see more about my evening with Beyond Escapes I’ve also vlogged it which you can see here…

Lots of love





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