6 Slightly Odd Things That Happened After My Period Returned – #ProjectP



I got my period back and I kind of wasn’t expecting what else could change/happen around me… so naturally I’d thought I’d share…

  • I’ve fallen truly madly deeply in love with dogs. Im obsessed. I get the urge to stroke them constantly and my heart hurts a little and fills like it gets bigger everytime I see one. Im not sure if this is some kind of fertility sign/ broodiness thing happening maybe? Does anyone know? – but anyway don’t panic mum, at least it’s not kids ey! 
  • I’ve got hair on my arms like the tops of arms and my hair is growing rapid… turns out when you suffer from amenrohea your hormones are everywhere and can stop hair production.
  • Nail Growth – It can also stop nail production… so you guessed it, my nails are growing like made!
  • My Libido is back (omg I cringed writing that hahaha soz mum) 
  • I’ve developed hormonal acne. Annoyingly I now get spots around my chin and jaw line. If you face map it (See here) this is due to hormones. I’m going to go see someone to see if I can manage this.
  • I worry less. Not having a period was a massive worry for me, so I kinda obsessed over it… me? Obsess?! Neeeeever lol…. Since having it back, It’s one less thing to worry about!
  • I’m more aware of my body than ever and my cycle. I researched loads into the reproductive system and out cycles and started to become so in tune with my body and what it means when it does certain things.
  • I feel more female. It sounds weird, but I feel more womanly & girlie if you like. I can’t really describe the feeling but I just feel more feminine… hmm.

And that’s that… I’ll update you if anything else happens but im really interested in seeing if you notice any differences to your body & feelings around your cycle? Let me know below!

Here to more flowing months hahaha ew.


Chlo xxxx

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