5 Ways I’ve Increased My Energy & Happiness


When I tell you that every time I wake up in the morning full of energy I’m genuinely shocked and stand there asking myself ‘Am I sure?!’ – the answer for the past month is yes. Yes Im sure. I feel bloody fantastic, I am repelling against negativity and find how I react to different situations is better. 

I feel grounded & passionate, happy & light and even when I get angry or feel down the processing of this is completley different to how I did before.

  • Prioritise Sleep

Bad news for you light sleeps but this has been a huge huge huge help. Sleep is my #1 and with my body clock getting me up early it means that I need to make sure I hit the sack early too. I’m not a big TV watcher so this is easier for me but I now tend to climb into bed about 8:30pm and read for an hour, this normally sends me really sleepy and I switch lights out around 9:30pm. I now normally sleep all the way through but I do notice massively now if I eat too late or eat something that is high in sugar for example then my sleep is really disrupted. A top tip for getting to sleep is count your breathes to 10, then start from 1 again… I normally don’t even remember reaching 3 rounds of 10!

I’m putting a little section in here to talk about caffeine because it sits along side both prioritising sleep & decreasing my stress. I’ve actually decided to get rid of caffeine with especially focusing on coffee. You see im quite sensitive thanks to my couple of years of under eating and over excising and I’m extremely sensitive to stress. 

Coffee increases your cortisol (stress) levels and encourages adrenaline which can put your body in a big stressed state which in previous generations would only be put in if in danger by a being eaten or a tribe attacking. A high stressed body exhausts you and drains you and really ruins your sleep. I found myself grinding my teeth in the night as well as waking up about 4/5 times and reliant on coffee just to keep me going. 

  • Decreased Stress

This deserves a whole blog post by itself but really focusing on decreasing my stress has allowed me to stop worrying, be present and be happy. Instead of stress I focus on gratitude by saying 3 things im grateful for each day. As well as giving up caffeine which has been the biggy here I’ve also started focusing on my breathing and taking up yoga while resting more. 

  • Embraced my Spiritual side

This one isn’t for everyone & again I think will be the start of a series as there is so much I want to talk about in this section.  But honestly, embracing my spirituality and seeing the purpose of life in a bigger picture has been amazing for my happiness and energy. The belief that we are more than just blobs walking around destroying where we live and that there is a higher level of life is incredible. It’s provided me with insights and knowledge about myself and others I never would have thought of, it has guided me to incredible opportunities and given me experiences that simply felt out of this world…. Omg I sound like a right nutter hahaha.

  • Looking inwards 

We are constantly bothered about how we look to others, pleasing others and just go go go. We often to forget to check in with ourselves – hey that comment someone made? How did you actually feel about that? … or just stopping, breathing and acknowledging yourself is really powerful. I have spent time analysing my past, my actions and my goals – why I acted in a certain way and also the person who I want to be in life. The more you connect with yourself, the more you listen to yourself and your body which means more energy and happiness.

  • Breathing

Sounds silly but we genuinely dont do enough of this. We rush around breathing fast in competition with who is the busiest. You know what? Now I buzz if im the most chilled. I’ve started breathing through my stomach and with my nose not my mouth. This signals to the body that your safe which in turn relaxes you, helps you think, slows you down for a second to connect with yourself… and if you’re in bed, helps you fall asleep. 

I really hope these tips can help you & I’d love to know what you guys do for happiness and energy? Please comment below as im desperate to try new ways!

Chlo xxx 


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